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What to Expect This Winter Focus News 

What to Expect This Winter

Loysburg citizens might not need to break out all the hats and gloves this winter! According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, “El Niño, among the strongest on record, is expected to influence weather and climate patterns this winter by impacting the position of the Pacific jet stream.” El Niño is a climate interaction that relates to the periodic warming in the surface temperature across the Pacific. Winter in the south is expected to see cooler temperatures and more precipitation while northern and western states are expected to have…

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Hurricane Joaquin News 

Hurricane Joaquin

On September 29th, people in the Bahamas got the alert that they were about to have a hurricane. The Bahamas is made up of over 350,000 people. Hurricane Joaquin hit the Bahamas on September 29th, and is still continuing on October 1st. It started out as a Category 3 hurricane and is now reaching high winds of a Category 4 hurricane. Joaquin’s speeds have reached 130 mph at maximum, according to the National Hurricane Center. While some people worry that Hurricane Joaquin might be another Hurricane Sandy, the National Hurricane…

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Hurricane Katrina: A Look Back News 

Hurricane Katrina: A Look Back

Hurricane Katrina was one of the most devastating natural disasters of all time. On August 29, 2005, New Orleans city residents huddled into the Louisiana Superdome to seek coverage from a storm approaching. Hurricane Katrina was a category 3 storm, with winds of approximately 127 mph. The storm went from Grand Isle, Louisiana to the Mississippi River. Unfortunately, levees broke in the Superdome from the storm, causing damage to the building and the people inside. According to the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA), Hurricane Katrina was the most costliest natural…

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Cold temperatures making for unpleasant week News 

Cold temperatures making for unpleasant week

Much of the country is experiencing frigid cold this week after a potent combination of arctic air and snowfall combined to bring some of the coldest temperatures in years. The uncomfortable winter conditions were brought on by a blast of air known as a polar vortex, which was pushed down into the United States by strong air currents hovering around the North Pole. Below-zero temperatures will threaten to set records in many areas of the nation. Midwestern cities will see single digit highs with wind chills dipping far below zero….

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