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Rough Loss for Panther Soccer Fall Sports Sports 

Rough Loss for Panther Soccer

The Northern Bedford boys’ soccer team suffered a tough 4-2 loss in a scrimmage on Thursday against North Star. The team looked to prepare for its season ahead and tried to fill a key hole on the team after the starting keeper Gavin Gilbert broke two bones in his foot. The referees split the scrimmage into four quarters to compensate for the late summer heat. During the first quarter North Star gained an early 3-0 lead on the panthers. Northern Bedford’s boys went into the game flat footed and the…

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Allstar: Aaliyah Feight Features 

Allstar: Aaliyah Feight

Aaliyah Feight is the daughter of Karee Feight and currently resides in New Enterprise. Aaliyah has been a part of the varsity soccer team for four years and looking back on all of the fun times she’s had with her teammates, she claims that her favorite memory is the time she caught the ball with both hands during a game her junior year. She also said that she will miss the laughs and complaints she shared with the girls most when the season comes to an end. When she was…

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Senior Athletes! News Special Events Sports 

Senior Athletes!

This season the fall athletes all had wonderful seasons. Through the ups and the downs the seniors were big leaders for their teams. The seniors of the girls’ soccer team include Jillian Bottenfield, Miranda Brallier, Gabrielle Clark, Bethany Crontrath, Morgan Eshelman, and Alyssa Smith. The girls’ soccer team didn’t have such a great season with a record of fourteen losses and only four wins. Regardless of the score they became closer as a team. The seniors were a big part of the girls coming together as a better team. Another…

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Morgan Eshelman: Superstar Goalie Sports 

Morgan Eshelman: Superstar Goalie

Morgan Elizabeth Eshelmen was born on May 4th, 1995. She resides in New Enterprise with her parents Stephen and Beth Eshelmen. Morgan’s position on the soccer team is goalie. Morgans’s fantastic soccer abilities show in every game she plays in. Just this soccer season alone, she has saved 290 goals. The girls’ soccer coach, Bridget Bechtel, had many great things to say about Morgan. “Morgan is a very aggressive and talented goalie.  She is a team leader and director of our defensive unit.”  When asked why she likes soccer, Morgan…

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Kicking for Leevi Features News Sports 

Kicking for Leevi

“Kicking for Leevi! I have been inspired over the past few months by seeing Tanner and Justin raising money for and awareness about Leevi and his family. I’ve been inspired by hearing Jonas praying for Leevi before every game, and I’ve been inspired by our team playing for something beyond themselves. So I told the team yesterday that I am pledging to donate a dollar for every goal that the boys score this year to Kicking for Leevi. Now, I’m challenging other people to do the same. Right now the…

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