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Rivalry Day Focus News 

Rivalry Day

To kick off spirit week, the day’s theme was rivals. A rival is a person or thing competing with another for the same objective or for superiority in the same field of activity. Students were dressed as opposing super heroes, super hero/villain, sports teams, or simply just opposite of each other. There was a lot of participation that we hope to see continue throughout the week. The cover photo features Jerica Hardy and Shaylie Finnegan as Batman and Superman. Shelby Crooks and Paige Thomas dressed as Pikachu and Jessie from…

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Blazing Bonfire 2011 News 

Blazing Bonfire 2011

As this year’s Varsity football season was about to begin, we kicked off the annual Bonfire on August 30.  Many parents, alumni, teachers, staff, and other people of the community showed up at our Panther Community Stadium to watch this spectacular event.  After all of the spectators got to their seats and got comfy, the legendary Panther Tail was on its way.  The Black Panther Marching Band took the lead, while this year’s varsity football team followed along with the varsity, junior high and mini cheerleaders taking up the end….

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