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Celebrate Drug Free and Grim Reaper Day Focus News Special Events 

Celebrate Drug Free and Grim Reaper Day

On October 26, Northern Bedford’s high school and middle school began Red Ribbon Week with celebrating being drug free and Grim Reaper Day. Many of the students participated by wearing red. Below Krysta Kennedy is shown wearing a dark red shirt in celebration of being drug free. In celebration of Grim Reaper Day, the Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) members are chosen to have their faces painted like those who would have died in a drunk-driving related accident. As statistics stand today; every 30 minutes someone dies of said accidents….

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A Day in Paradise Focus News 

A Day in Paradise

Northern Bedford has been flocked by flamingos. Today’s spirt week theme is in honor of this year’s homecoming theme: Tropical Paradise. Students and teachers broke out their shorts, flip flops, and flower leis in support. Donations are also being collected to help Habitat for Humanity during all lunches today and tomorrow, so please make a donation! The cover photo features Jacob Cherry posing like a classical surfer. Mr. Dutchcot joins in on the fun, wearing the typical dad vacation shirt.   Emma Suter looks like she just stepped off the…

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Traffic Lessons Focus News 

Traffic Lessons

Go! Proceed with caution! Stop! All in the name of love. Today’s theme for spirit week was stoplight day. Wearing green signifies that you are single. Wearing yellow signifies that it is complicated or you are talking to someone. Wearing red signifies that you are in a relationship or simply not interested. It looks like New York City in the hallways. Join in tomorrow for tropical paradise day! Ryan Matish, Bentley Zimmerman, Bryce Detterline, McKenzie Westphal, Brook Troutman, and Wes Perrin pose to form a large stoplight   Seniors Morgan…

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Back to the Future Focus News 

Back to the Future

Have you ever thought you belonged in another decade? If so, today was your chance to show it. Students were given the opportunity to dress in their favorite decade such as the 60s, 70s, or 80s. Participation was widespread, through the school and the decades! Join in tomorrow for stop light day! The cover photo features Samantha Steele representing everyone’s favorite decade: the 80s! Eli Kapinski representing the 80s                                          …

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