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Camera Cares

  Officers Efrain Morales, left, and Joshua Jones display body cameras. Ozier Muhammad/The New York Times Videos are used for many things. They are used for recording basketball games, a baby’s first smile, laugh and birthday cake and even a tragedy among people. Police officers often have cameras in their vehicles to catch license plates and to video a pursuit by car, but they do not have body cameras. Police officers should wear body cameras at all times.   A body camera set on an officers jacket could help the officer…

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Officer, You are Under Arrest Focus News 

Officer, You are Under Arrest

On November 3, 2015, in Louisiana, Jeremy Mardis was shot to death while sitting in his father’s car. The six-year-old boy’s fatal death is held in the hands of two police officers who opened fire on Mardis’s father’s, Chris Few, car. Few was able to walk away from the scene, practically unharmed, except for watching his son die from the hands of those responsible to protect him.   According to the two involved officers, there was a warrant out for Chris Few’s arrest. The police were trying to serve the…

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