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Rough Loss for Panther Soccer Fall Sports Sports 

Rough Loss for Panther Soccer

The Northern Bedford boys’ soccer team suffered a tough 4-2 loss in a scrimmage on Thursday against North Star. The team looked to prepare for its season ahead and tried to fill a key hole on the team after the starting keeper Gavin Gilbert broke two bones in his foot. The referees split the scrimmage into four quarters to compensate for the late summer heat. During the first quarter North Star gained an early 3-0 lead on the panthers. Northern Bedford’s boys went into the game flat footed and the…

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We Love Tom Diez! News 

We Love Tom Diez!

Every year in May at Northern Bedford a big event occurs. Students all through the school in all different grades get wo rked up about one man visiting our school. His name is Tom, Tom Diez, and he’s a nature documentarian. Every year he brings the students of our s This year was no different; on May 11, 2012 Tom visited our school and took us on an adventure to Australia and New Zealand. As usual, Tom got a warm welcome from all the students and teachers. The students made…

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Senior Trip News 

Senior Trip

The senior trip is always the last chance that the seniors truly have to spend together and have fun before they graduate from Northern Bedford and move on with their lives. Senior trip 2012 to New York City was no different. There were 34 students that attended the trip and they had a wonderful, but busy time while they were away from the Cove. On the first day, Sunday May 6, the students departed from the high school at 6 A.M. When they arrived in NYC, they unpacked and settled…

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Prom – Mock Accident 2012 News 

Prom – Mock Accident 2012

Every year numerous kids all over the United States get into car accidents, it’s just a fact of life that’s going to happen. It’s a sad fact of life and nobody wants to be told that their high school friend has just been killed in a car accident. So during prom season, Northern Bedford starts getting cautious about their students driving to and from prom during the late hours of the night with their friends and dates in tow. Teen accidents are more likely to happen when they’re distracted by…

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