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Consequential Yogurt Controversy News Politics 

Consequential Yogurt Controversy

    In one of the stranger events of the week, it’s been announced that Chobani has filed a lawsuit against popular conservative personality Alex Jones over fake news stories- as in Chobani, the Greek yogurt company.     In a  lawsuit filed monday in the Idaho District Court in Twin falls, Chobani stated that Jones, a well known right-wing conspiracy theorist, has made unsubstantiated claims in a video on his website Infowars that linked Chobani CEO, Hamdi Ulukaya, and his company’s support for hiring refugees to an unrelated sexual assault…

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Magical Mischief News Uncategorized 

Magical Mischief

    Have you ever daydreamed about what it would be like if David Blaine, Drake, Dave Chappelle, and Stephen Curry had a magical dinner party? Probably not, but if you have then imagine no more because the dream is finally here!     This Tuesday ABC aired Beyond Magic; A new one-hour special with all the shock value elements of MTV’s ever classic ‘Punk’d’ mixed in with a dash of mystical nonsense that famous magician, illusionist, and endurance artist David Blaine always brings wherever he goes- which, to the…

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Modern Space Race News 

Modern Space Race

    How long do we assumedly have before a terrible natural disaster, nukes, or pollution make our planet uninhabitable? While this seems like something that most people don’t think they’ll have to discuss or even think about until way into the future it was a very recent topic in Stephen Hawking’s speech this Tuesday at Oxford University.     “We must continue to go into space for the future of humanity, I don’t think we will survive another 1,000 years without escaping beyond our fragile planet.” Hawking said, addressing…

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Graffiti Found  in Clearfield County News 

Graffiti Found in Clearfield County

Police are investigating elaborate graffiti tags that appeared in Irwin Park and on the old Clearfield Cheese factory in Curwensville on October 20. The police chief says that they’re still investigating the graffiti, but haven’t gotten many calls about vandalism. Police believe that at least four properties were targeted: A locked bathroom building at Irwin Park, a back wall near River Street, and two other spots on Meadow Street. Nearby business owner Jack West told WTAJ News, “It’s pretty dark back here at night, so the darkness could have given…

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Current Events: Crisis in Syria News 

Current Events: Crisis in Syria

President Obama has elected to go ahead with military intervention to reprimand Syria and President Bashaar al Assad for their use of chemical weapons on civilians, he announced Saturday afternoon in a statement made from the White House Rose Garden. Syria, a nation embroiled in a tense civil war for over two years, is accused of using nerve gas agents against Syrian rebel forces and civilians, killing over 1,500 people in just a few days. The attacks are the among the deadliest in the last 25 years. Saddam Hussein’s 1988…

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Election Wrap Up Focus News Special Events 

Election Wrap Up

The big day is over, and America has spoken. President Obama was reelected by a comfortable margin, winning well over the 270 votes required to win the presidency. Obama won a total of 303 electoral votes, compared to Mitt Romney’s 206, a difference of 97 votes. Obama also won the popular vote, winning by 2,667,162 over Romney. In the state of Pennsylvania, President Obama took the state’s 20 electoral votes by a 5% advantage, besting Romney by winning Democrat-controlled cities Erie, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Harrisburg. Obama took all swing states…

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