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Poinsettias at NBC News 

Poinsettias at NBC

Every year the Northern Bedford Horticulture classes start preparing in September for the holiday poinsettia sale. The poinsettia starters arrive and are transplanted in September, so that they will be ready for the big sale in December. Mrs. Kring and her students work hard to care for the many varieties of poinsettias so that they have blossomed and are healthy for their customers.                 The sale usually starts in the middle of December and goes until Christmas break. There are many varieties of poinsettias for sale including red, pink, burgundy,…

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Horticulture Club News 

Horticulture Club

Horticulture Club is a club for students with an interest in horticulture. For those of you who don’t know what horticulture is, it is the science and art of growing fruits, vegetables, flowers or ornamental plants. Horticulture club allows students in the Horticulture or Agriculture classes to plan and participate in horticultural activities outside of the classroom.                 Horticulture is involved with more school events than you might think. They provide most of the plants used to decorate the stage during the holidays and maintain the gardens and flowerbeds around…

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