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Sexism in the 21st Century: The Pink Tax Editorials Opinion 

Sexism in the 21st Century: The Pink Tax

The “pink tax” is the extra amount women are charged for certain products or services. The “pink tax” is also referred to as sexist pricing and many people believe it does not exist. “Women are paid less and are expected to spend more on products and services…they are charged more simply for being a woman,” a Labor Party MP, Paula Sherriff said. Women are charged about $1,351 more than men a year. The most common areas where women are charged more is clothing, self-care products, and vehicle repair. Recently, Old…

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Dear Crabby Opinion 

Dear Crabby

Dear Crabby- I am a shy 16 year old boy with a slightly different dilemma. Even though I have been on “dates” with girls on and off since I was in 7th grade, I am still hesitant to ask girls out who I am attracted to. The thought of rejection scares me, since I normally succeed at everything I do – which includes sports and academics. Girls are almost constantly “hitting” on me and inviting me to sporting events, picnics, parties, etc., and I have no idea what to do….

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Senior Athletes! News Special Events Sports 

Senior Athletes!

This season the fall athletes all had wonderful seasons. Through the ups and the downs the seniors were big leaders for their teams. The seniors of the girls’ soccer team include Jillian Bottenfield, Miranda Brallier, Gabrielle Clark, Bethany Crontrath, Morgan Eshelman, and Alyssa Smith. The girls’ soccer team didn’t have such a great season with a record of fourteen losses and only four wins. Regardless of the score they became closer as a team. The seniors were a big part of the girls coming together as a better team. Another…

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Junior High Girls Basketball News Sports 

Junior High Girls Basketball

The 2011-12 season was a successful one for the Junior High Lady Panthers. The team was coached by Mrs. Moyer. The team earned a record of 11-5 behind the scoring and leadership of the lone freshman on the team, Jennifer Bertoldi. In addition, six 7th graders and four 8th graders were on the team. In addition to Coach Moyer, the three assistant coaches were Coach England, Coach Barton, and Coach Vasas. “I thought we were much better than expected,” said Coach Moyer. “They had to adapt to us as coaches…

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