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Music in the Parks a Success Uncategorized 

Music in the Parks a Success

The Northern Bedford County High School concert band, chorus, and TriTones participated in the Music in the Parks competition at Hershey Park. These three groups performed select pieces in front of adjudicators who recorded their comments on the pieces presented to them. The concert band played “Friday Harbor” as a warm-up piece and played “Creed” and “Bonds of Unity” for their pieces to be judged.  The band did not go for placements, only for constructive criticism on what they’re doing correctly and incorrectly. At rating of Excellent was given to…

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Spaghetti Dinner for Leevi Steele Focus News 

Spaghetti Dinner for Leevi Steele

On February 18th, the Student Council hosted a spaghetti dinner for a brave little boy. Five year old Leevi Steele has been battling brain cancer early in his young life. He resides in Hopewell and his parents are Dave and Beth Steele. Senior Jayda Diehl proposed the idea to Mr. Barton and the rest of the Student Council. The idea was considered and approved overwhelmingly by the members.  Once the idea was approved, the students ordered food for the event from Delgrosso’s and the high school cafeteria. Spaghetti, meatballs, salad,…

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TGIP: Thank God It’s Pi Day News 

TGIP: Thank God It’s Pi Day

Over the years, math teachers and enthusiasts throughout the world have celebrated Pi Day on March 14th. The reason the celebration occurs on this day is because the mathematical equivalent to pi is 3.14; March 14th can also be represented as 3/14. The creator of Pi Day, Larry Shaw, first celebrated it on March 14th, 1988. Pi (π) is the symbol for the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Pi is an irrational number; its value cannot be expressed exactly as a fraction. Its decimal representation…

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Applebee’s: There’s no Place Like the Neighborhood Arts 

Applebee’s: There’s no Place Like the Neighborhood

            With a motto like “There’s No Place Like The Neighborhood” it has to be delicious.  On Saturday, January 28th, I went to eat at the neighborhood to see just how good they claimed to be. On a chilly Saturday night my family and I went to Applebee’s, in the Logan Valley Mall, to catch a bite to eat.  When we walked into the famous restaurant, the aroma of various foods entered our senses.  We were greeted by smiles of the hostesses, but the tight entry way was packed full…

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