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FCCLA Winter Activities News 

FCCLA Winter Activities

Every year members of Family, Career & Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) get excited around Christmas time, because that means care packages for the elementary students! FCCLA members ask people (dentists, stores, etc.) to get as many products donated as possible. The remainder of the supplies are purchased by FCCLA. The members then take these products and use them to fill packages and baskets full of essential items that students need. Those essentials include: toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, soap, socks, etc. FCCLA even included story books and crayons into the baskets…

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Family Career and Community Leaders of America News 

Family Career and Community Leaders of America

Family Career and Community Leaders of America, or FCCLA, is a national student organization that helps men and women become leaders and addresses important personal, family, work and societal issues through FCS classes. Students involved in this club are given opportunities to act in leadership roles in organizing fundraisers and activities that will benefit members of our community.                 The FCCLA officers this year are: Lauren Morris-President, Jourdan Beck-Vice President, Allison Eckenroad-Secretary and Danielle Dodson-Treasurer. FCCLA has a grand total of sixteen members this year, which is a high number…

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