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Marco Rubio: Best Selection for America

With strong demeanor, impeccable charm, and dashing good looks, Marco Rubio has been sweeping the nation with more than just his stance on issues. This presidential candidate, at the age of 44, is the son of two Cuban immigrants. He attended the University of Florida and received his bachelor’s degree before heading to the University of Miami for his degree in law. The republican won his election to join the West Miami City Commission in 1998 before becoming a member of the Florida House of Representatives in 1999. In 2003,…

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Election Wrap Up Focus News Special Events 

Election Wrap Up

The big day is over, and America has spoken. President Obama was reelected by a comfortable margin, winning well over the 270 votes required to win the presidency. Obama won a total of 303 electoral votes, compared to Mitt Romney’s 206, a difference of 97 votes. Obama also won the popular vote, winning by 2,667,162 over Romney. In the state of Pennsylvania, President Obama took the state’s 20 electoral votes by a 5% advantage, besting Romney by winning Democrat-controlled cities Erie, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Harrisburg. Obama took all swing states…

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Herman Cain: In the Run Focus 

Herman Cain: In the Run

This year there are many candidates hoping to take the office in the year of 2012 as the head of our country.  Herman Cain is one of those candidates that are involved in this vigorous race.  He is running in the Republican Party for the USA government.  Before he decided to run for President, he was a Georgia business executive and he led the National Restaurant Association. Born in Tennessee and raised in Georgia, Herman had a “poor, but happy lifestyle.”  He now is married with two children and has…

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