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Sexism in the 21st Century: The Pink Tax Editorials Opinion 

Sexism in the 21st Century: The Pink Tax

The “pink tax” is the extra amount women are charged for certain products or services. The “pink tax” is also referred to as sexist pricing and many people believe it does not exist. “Women are paid less and are expected to spend more on products and services…they are charged more simply for being a woman,” a Labor Party MP, Paula Sherriff said. Women are charged about $1,351 more than men a year. The most common areas where women are charged more is clothing, self-care products, and vehicle repair. Recently, Old…

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Battling Meth Editorials News 

Battling Meth

Meth is a controlled substance that can cause rapid or irregular heartbeat, delirium, panic, psychosis, and heart failure. It is also defined as a stimulant that can treat ADHD and help obese patients lose weight.   The Bedford Gazette set forth an editorial on December 16, 2015 stating its opinion on how to shut down Indiana’s meth labs. Many people have said to get rid of meth labs would be possible by only allowing pseudo-ephedrine an ingredient in meth, to be available by prescription. On Wednesday, the Association of Indiana…

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Ask Google 2015 Editorials News 

Ask Google 2015

Many people rely on for the answers to all their questions. According to the experts at Google were asked the most popular health-related searches of the past year, 2015. Google came up with the top nine questions.   “Is bronchitis contagious?” Acute bronchitis is a chest cold occurring when the bronchial tubes get irritated and inflamed, producing mucus that makes you cough. It may or may not be the result of a bacterial infection.   “For the most part, bacterial bronchitis and airway inflammation are not contagious per…

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