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Product Review: Keurig Brewer Editorials News Opinion Uncategorized 

Product Review: Keurig Brewer

We Americans love our morning cup (or 6) of coffee. You can find the standard coffee maker in almost every home, but now there’s an alternative product for those looking for something new. The Keurig system of home brewers markets ease of use and convenience for those times when you don’t want to brew a whole pot of coffee. Small pods of highly concentrated coffee and other beverages, called K-Cups, are placed in the machine. Each will yield a single serving, with some higher end brewers offering the option to…

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Caffeine and Teens Editorials News Uncategorized 

Caffeine and Teens

School, work, after school practices, and extracurriculars are all a part of the average teenager’s daily life. The changing world demands that teens carry the weight of the world on their shoulders so they can be prepared for “real life” after high school or college. How do teens manage the workload? Motivation only goes so far when you’re sleep deprived and have another couple hours of homework to go. Caffeine is seen as the answer for millions of teens. What could be the downside of a few cups of coffee? The…

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