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Teen Suicides in Texas May Have Been Part of Suicide Pact News 

Teen Suicides in Texas May Have Been Part of Suicide Pact

Sunday, January 31, 2016 will forever be in the hearts and minds of Murphy, Texas community members. Two 17-year-old girls committed suicide in the small town only hours apart. The Plano East Senior High School students Ritu Sachdeva and Hillary Kate Kuizon were discovered dead in the early hours of Sunday morning. Due to the ruled suicides being so close in location and time, police are investigating the possibility of a suicide pact. A suicide pact is an agreement between two or more people to commit suicide together, where those…

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Sexism in the 21st Century: The Pink Tax Editorials Opinion 

Sexism in the 21st Century: The Pink Tax

The “pink tax” is the extra amount women are charged for certain products or services. The “pink tax” is also referred to as sexist pricing and many people believe it does not exist. “Women are paid less and are expected to spend more on products and services…they are charged more simply for being a woman,” a Labor Party MP, Paula Sherriff said. Women are charged about $1,351 more than men a year. The most common areas where women are charged more is clothing, self-care products, and vehicle repair. Recently, Old…

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Wrestling as Told by Kolinchak Features 

Wrestling as Told by Kolinchak

Wrestling and basketball are winter rivals and have been for years. People tend to dislike wrestling due to the fact that most of the participants do not eat in an attempt to weigh a certain amount and be able to be in a particular weight class. “You do not have to lose weight. It’s a choice, not a rule,” senior wrestler, Lucas Kolinchak says. “The hardest part about wrestling is the pressure I put on myself,” Kolinchak states, “I’m my own worst enemy.” It has been noted by several people…

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Battling Meth Editorials News 

Battling Meth

Meth is a controlled substance that can cause rapid or irregular heartbeat, delirium, panic, psychosis, and heart failure. It is also defined as a stimulant that can treat ADHD and help obese patients lose weight.   The Bedford Gazette set forth an editorial on December 16, 2015 stating its opinion on how to shut down Indiana’s meth labs. Many people have said to get rid of meth labs would be possible by only allowing pseudo-ephedrine an ingredient in meth, to be available by prescription. On Wednesday, the Association of Indiana…

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Ask Google 2015 Editorials News 

Ask Google 2015

Many people rely on for the answers to all their questions. According to the experts at Google were asked the most popular health-related searches of the past year, 2015. Google came up with the top nine questions.   “Is bronchitis contagious?” Acute bronchitis is a chest cold occurring when the bronchial tubes get irritated and inflamed, producing mucus that makes you cough. It may or may not be the result of a bacterial infection.   “For the most part, bacterial bronchitis and airway inflammation are not contagious per…

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Winter Fashion Report 2015-2016 Fashion Focus News 

Winter Fashion Report 2015-2016

It’s been getting quite chilly outside recently, so it’s time for the winter fashion report! The top trends for winter are: Big belts – They’re about three inches wider than regular belts. Capes (Yes, they’re still in season) Fur coats, fur scarves, anything with fur Pleats – they’re skirts that have little folds in them. Any patchwork design on a garment Ribbed knitwear – knitwear is warm for the cold weather, so it’s good. Statement shoes – Bright colored shoes, large boots, etc. Flair pants – they’re making coming back…

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Repeat Offender Arrested in Johnstown for Child Abuse Focus News 

Repeat Offender Arrested in Johnstown for Child Abuse

On Wednesday, December 2, 2015, Khristopher Newman was placed under arrest for abusing his girlfriend, Crystal Jedrzejak’s young daughter. Newman allegedly duct-taped the four-year-old girl to a garbage bag before placing her in an unlit, unheated basement. Newman is also being accused of hitting and beating the young girl on several other occasions. “The child had soiled herself and the individual taped her to the bag, the garbage bag, if she wanted to live that way he was going to let her see what it was like to be a…

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What to Expect This Winter Focus News 

What to Expect This Winter

Loysburg citizens might not need to break out all the hats and gloves this winter! According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, “El Niño, among the strongest on record, is expected to influence weather and climate patterns this winter by impacting the position of the Pacific jet stream.” El Niño is a climate interaction that relates to the periodic warming in the surface temperature across the Pacific. Winter in the south is expected to see cooler temperatures and more precipitation while northern and western states are expected to have…

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Interact Club Shares the Love Focus News 

Interact Club Shares the Love

On Saturday, November 21, 2015 Northern Bedford County High School’s Interact Club made their second trip to Love INC in Everett, PA. Love INC is short for Love In the Name of Christ and they are a non-profit group that strives to help local churches on their path to help others in need. Interact Club members helped package items left over from the organizations last yard sale to place on the truck that will deliver the boxes to the Salvation Army as a donation. It was important to make sure…

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Hoss’s Provides High Quality Family Meal Focus News 

Hoss’s Provides High Quality Family Meal

Hoss’s Family Steak and Sea House could honestly not have picked a better fitting name. Hoss’s satisfies your hunger, no matter what you are hungry for. They offer a delectable salad bar with a variety of salad types and toppings. Also, they have a soup bar with a delicious assortment differing day-to-day. The dessert bar, however, might just be everyone’s favorite. On the actual menu, they provide appetizers, steak, chicken, seafood, sandwiches, burgers, American classics, and stuff for the kiddos, amongst a wide range of sides including fries, vegetables, and…

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