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Election Wrap Up

The big day is over, and America has spoken. President Obama was reelected by a comfortable margin, winning well over the 270 votes required to win the presidency. Obama won a total of 303 electoral votes, compared to Mitt Romney’s 206, a difference of 97 votes. Obama also won the popular vote, winning by 2,667,162 over Romney. In the state of Pennsylvania, President Obama took the state’s 20 electoral votes by a 5% advantage, besting Romney by winning Democrat-controlled cities Erie, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Harrisburg. Obama took all swing states but North Carolina, winning key battleground states Florida and Ohio. In the U.S. Senate, Democrats still hold control. Bob Casey, Jr. retained his Senate seat by holding off Republican competitor Tom Smith. Republicans keep control of the House for the next 4 years. In PA’s 9th District, Bill Shuster once again was reelected. In Bedford County, 77% of the county voted for Mitt Romney, with the remaining 22% choosing Obama. In hot-button national issues, marijuana was legalized in Colorado and Washington, while Oregon elected to strike down the proposal. Three states voted to legalize gay marriage: Maine, Maryland and Washington. Who will run in 2016? Early predictions pit Republican Marco Rubio of Florida against Democrat Hillary Clinton, currently Secretary of State.

Barack Obama has won another four years in office.

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