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Senior Bequests 2018


Featured in image: Northern Bedford National Honor Society seniors of 2018!


Trevor M. Allison

I,Trevor Allison, leave my spot on the line to Kyle Guyer, my football locker to Alex Fouse, and my parking spot to Allie Snider.

Dalson Arcq

I, Dalson Arcq, leave my parking spot to Raechel Arcq.

Megan Beam

I, Megan Beam, leave my culinary skills to Marissa Ebersole. I also leave my parking spot to Stephanie Runyon.

Kaylee Bowers

I, Kaylee Bowers, leave my “love” for volleyball to Ally Ritchey, my will to achieve and always do my best to my younger brothers Aaron and Zachary, and lastly my severe urge to graduate to Keierra Long.

Melea Brumbaugh

I, Melea Brumbaugh, leave my ability to ride to Austin Beagle, my love for cars, dirtbikes, and 4-wheelers to Brayden Claycomb, my knowledge of working on cars and dirtbikes to Austin Beagle, my love of riding to Hunter Detwiler, my love of getting muddy to Alexas Snyder, and my attitude to Kayla Singer.

Madison Cherry

I, Madison Cherry, leave my basketball number to Allie Snider, my cheerleading captain spot to Abby Ritchey, a “hey partner” to Sarah Heck, and a good luck to all of my underclassmen teammates in volleyball and in basketball.

Nathan Clapper

I, Nathan Clapper, leave my diesel skills to Kyle Guyer, my agricultural knowledge to Hannah Bechtel, and my truck camper skills to Noah Imler.

Garett Clouse

I, Garett Clouse, leave common sense to Kyler States, the best hands in the state to Case Donaldson, the dinger stick to Thad Leidy, a post moves to Caleb Diehl, and a mirror skirt to Sarah Heck.

Scott Cogan

I, Scott Cogan, leave my auto skills to Bart Williams, and my personality in school to Richard McLaughlin.


Kaitlyn Corle

I, Kaitlyn Corle, leave the loudest, litty-est lunch table to Sarah Heck and Alaina Stuckey. I leave a new son to Paige Snider and Grace Burke, the D5 train to the entire girls soccer team, and my ability to dunk to Ariel Reed.


Jessica Cornell

I, Jessica Cornell, leave the love for food to Nick Garner.

Allison Cottle

I, Allison Cottle, leave more Friday night football games to my cheer squad, another dance class to Abby and Ally Ritchey, another physics lab to Brittney Ebersole and Austin Thomas, and an amazing senior year to next year’s graduating class.


Joshua Dasher

I, Josh Dasher, leave the Panther Den to Alex Fouse. Frontier Fridays to all the guys on the football team, a toaster to Carson Foor, and my football number to Kyler States.


Drew Douglas

I, Drew Douglas, leave almost a Freshman to Lucas Heck.

Hayden Douglas

I, Hayden Douglas, leave my position rights to Andy Lazor. I leave the territory of the bathroom to Curtis Clark. I leave my dangles to Eyziak Cottle.

Gabriel Dziob

I, Gabriel Dziob, leave my friendship to Dalton Smith…he has earned it, and a new shower partner to Storm.

Chase Eller  

I, Chase Eller, leave my Ag. skills to Franklin Foor. I leave my wrestling weight class and skills to Brady Clark.


Jaden Fernandez

I, Jaden Fernandez, leave my interceptions to Case Donaldson, my lunch seat to Thad Leidy, my baseball spot on the bench to Evan Clouse, my turnovers to Cadin Ebersole, my saucy dancing to any song anywhere to Caleb Diehl, my chinky eyes to Alivia Horton, my singing voice to Josh Strayer, and my Fortnite skills to Colby Imler.


Sarah Fink

I, Sarah Fink, leave my cloud watching club to my sister, Abby.

Hunter Finnegan

I, Hunter Finnegan, leave my heart to Sarah Fink. She is the apple of my eye, my rock, my inspiration, she is my will to be, she is my everything. If I live without her I live without love. My heart has always belonged to her.

Andrew Foor

I, Andrew Foor, leave more than 6 wins to the basketball team. I leave my quarterback skills to Thad Leidy, and I leave my love for Drake to Andy Lazor.

Brianna Foor

I, Brianna Foor, leave my love for band front to Alyx Weidler.

Cierra Foor

I, Cierra Foor, leave my horticulture skills to Kayla Singer and my SADD officer duties as Vice President to Grace Burke.

Konnor Frace

I, Konnor Frace, leave my position on the soccer team to Eli Grimes.

Mackenzie Gates

I, Mackenzie Gates, leave a new hurdle squad to Ariel Reed, my soccer ‘concussion’ band to Sydney Coffey, friends to quote memes with to Sarah Heck and Alaina Stuckey, and all of my love to the basketball team.

Brandon Grine

I, Brandon Grine, leave my amazing baseball talents to Logan College, a hah and two claps to Andrew Lazor, the baseball party bus to Dalton Povich, and the Grine legacy I have created to Justin Grine.

Tristin Guyer

I, Tristin Guyer, leave my weight lifting duties to Kyle Guyer, the dilly dilly to Lucas Wentz, my duty to grow long luxurious hair to Alex Fouse, and my number 50 jersey to Keyan Guyer.

Caleb Hammel

I, Caleb Hammel, leave my amazing ability to drive Mrs. Snyder insane to Zach Thomas.

Jordan Helsley

I, Jordan Helsley, leave my table at lunch to Sydney Coffey, my soccer position to Bekah Helsel, my shortness to Taylor Miller, and my love for cows to Allie Snider


Jacob Keller

I, Jacob Keller, leave my ability to score 50 yard goals in soccer to Curtis Clark, my clumsiness to Dakota Claar, my bad jokes to Cadin Ebersole, and my goal kicking ability to Hunter Detwiler.


Taylor Kelly

I, Taylor Kelly, leave everyone with the mindset to always do their best and reach for the stars.


Mackenzie Klotz

I, Mackenzie Klotz, leave bus lunches to the BCTC students and my pom poms to Hannah Bechtel.


Tanja Kunz

I, Tanja Kunz, leave my messy locker to Lilly Boring, my positive attitude to Mrs. Snyder, and my foreign accent to Case Donaldson.

Michael Lazor

I, Michael Lazor, leave my love of sneakers and hypebeast attitude to Richard McLaughlin, Bentley Zimmerman, and Andrew Lazor, my graphic design ability to Dakota Claar, and lastly, my passion for soccer to Curtis Clark.


Leslie Leonard

I, Leslie Leonard, leave Terry Pote to know what it’s like to be in high school, to always try your best in everything you do, to never believe what people say about you, to make sure you do your own work, to have things get harder, but to know you will get through them.

Maryah Lingenfelter

I, Maryah Lingenfelter, leave my spot at the door at 3:09 to Sarah Heck, my cheerleading skills to Shawna Wadel, my love for vines to Austin Thomas, and my ability to wear sweatpants all the time to my sister, Kianah.


Rachel Lingenfelter

I, Rachel Lingenfelter, leave my “love” for track to Mara Laird, my love for jeeps goes to Cameron Pressel, my curly hair to Denae Hershberger, and my senioritis to every underclassman.

Sydney Lingenfelter

I, Sydney Lingenfelter, leave the ability to be a “ripper” both on and off the softball field to my girl Krysta Kennedy, my FBLA love and knowledge to Abby Mickle and the ability to always be running late but always make it to school before 7:59 am to Colby Imler.

Sabrina Long

I, Sabrina Long, leave a calm heart, mind, a belief that you can get through whatever is scaring you, and my legacy of annoying the heck out of Mr. Keith and Mr. Berry to Gabby Miller and Heyleigh Wilkins.


Sadie McConnell

I, Sadie McConnell, leave my position in soccer to Madison Cottle , my jumping skills to Paige Snider, perimeters to the girls soccer team, my locker to Haden Reyan, my basketball skills to Grace Burke, and a smile in the hallway to Ally Ritchey.

Brent McCue 49

I, Brent McCue, leave the life of the party to Lucas Heck.

William Michaels 50

I, William Michaels, leave my seat in Auto to Max Summers.

Rachel Mickle 51

I, Rachel Mickle, leave my hidden immunity idol to Abby Mickle because I hope she can use it to her advantage to get further in this game.

Mason Miller 53

I, Mason Miller, leave my mechanical skills to Caleb Williams.

Monica Miller 54

I, Monica Miller, leave the memory of me for the people who have no idea who I am.

Mary Morral 55

I,  Mary Morral, leave all of my love for school to Jason Ritchey, and the hope that students will always try their hardest no matter what and ask for help to everyone.

Dakota Morris 56

I, Dakota Morris, leave my cool nicknames and big feet to Max Summers.

Kaitlyn Musselman 57

I, Kaitlyn Musselman, leave my soccer position to Taylor Miller, my parking spot to Shay Reasy, and my “awesome” throwing abilities to Grace Burke.

Skylar O’Neal 58

I, Skylar O’Neal, leave my attitude to Montana Clapper, my ability to find trouble where trouble can be found to Noah Imler, my strong dislike for everyone to Lilly Gonsman, and my undying love for Mr. Over to Daisy and Danielle Norris.

Madison Over 59

I, Madison Over, leave my “love” for high school to Kelsey Over, and my FFA presidency to the best candidate.


Shelby Over

I, Shelby Over, leave putting up with our father and giving him attitude everyday to my sister Lauren as she moves into high school.


Alexis Pearson

I, Alexis Pearson, leave all of my senioritis to Sierra Foor and my moodiness to Estelle Kline.

Ethan Quarry

I, Ethan Quarry, leave the ‘way down in a valley’ chant to Kyle Guyer.

Danika Reed

I, Danika Reed, leave my bad memories of school life here in the past, a copy of my work ethic, happy memories, and fun times to Gretchen Keith, Ariel Reed, and Jay Reed whose academic year should be filled with laughter and happiness.

Tate Russell

I, Tate Russell, leave my soccer and baseball position to whoever gets it next.

Donald Steele

I, Donald Steele, leave my artistic talent to whomever steps in the art room.

Emma Suter

I, Emma Suter, leave a mouthful of dandelions to Madison Cottle, perimeters to all of the soccer girls, big smiles in the hallway to Shawna Wadel and Keierra Long, Mrs. Frederick’s daily help with math to Alex Fouse, my ability to transform sweat to sparkle every Friday night to Paige Snider, and compliments from Brenda Cottle most days at lunch to a nice person.


Baylee Swope

I, Baylee Swope, leave my ability to not care what people think and my confidence to my homegirl, Heyleigh Wilkins.

Kaylee Weatherwalk

I, Kaylee Weatherwalk, leave my FFA membership to Courtney Morris, who is a young determined woman who will do great things in her life.

Amanda L. Wiest

I, Amanda Lynn Wiest, leave my love for math and science to anyone who wants to receive it.

Brianna Wiest

I, Brianna Wiest, leave my SADD Presidency to Funyon, my burning desire to graduate to Guy Messersmith, my love of music to Ashleigh Hutton, and my confidence to Heyleigh Wilkins.


Nicholas Wilburn

I, Nicholas Wilburn, leave my position as field commander and my whistle to Allyson Ritchey.

Tyler Wirth

I, Tyler Wirth, leave my work ethic to Alex Fouse, my strength to Carson Foor, my lats to Max Summers, my intelligence to Kyle Guyer, and my pregame handshake duty to Cadin Ebersole.


Kara Wright

I, Kara Wright, leave my parking spot to Keierra Long, my love for cheerleading to Shawna Wadel, my hate for math to Grace Burke, my will to graduate to Madison Nycum, my friendship to Rachel Bowman and Mikayla Widmann, and maturity to Andy Lazor.

Kelli Wyles

I, Kelli Wyles, leave my horticulture skills to Abby Ritchey, my aggressive defense skills to Grace Burke, and my ability to push and not get carded on the soccer field to Sydney Coffee.

Andrew Zeth

I, Andrew Zeth, leave being the life of the party to Lucas Heck



































































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