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The Rotary 4 Way Test Special Events 

The Rotary 4 Way Test

Every year, the Morrison Cove Rotary holds its annual speech contest. On March 14 at Northern Bedford, 7 students competed for cash prizes.

Each speeches must be 5 to 7 minutes in length and must be based on an ethical issue in the world. In their speeches, each student must include the Rotary 4 Way Test and solutions to their issue.

6 of the participants were from Northern Bedford itself. The other student was from Spring Cove. In 3rd place, Kara Wright, a Northern Bedford Senior, gave her speech on the past school shootings. 2nd place was Evan Cottle, another Northern Bedford senior, was award $300 for his speech. Evan’s speech was based on how we consider ourselves elephants or donkeys rather than Americans. And first place was Clint Curfman. Clint is a sophomore more Spring Cove, and has participated in this contest for two years. His speech opened the eyes of the judges. His speech was given in honor to the “Golden Rule.” He feels that the world needs more people to follow this rule.

Clint now moves on to districts, and will continue to compete with other Rotary Clubs in the area.

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