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Parkland School Shooting and Protests

On February 14, amid Ash Wednesday services and Valentine’s Day, a school shooting occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. 17 students and teachers were killed when Nikolas Cruz, a former student, brought an AK-47 into the school and began firing. Afterwards, students began telling their stories of teachers who opened doors for students and even shielded them from bullets. One group of JROTC students used Kevlar panels to protect students and teachers in their room. The shooting prompted a major discussion into gun laws and students, parents, and teachers are now protesting the government. They want to prevent mass shootings from ever happening again. The students affected by the shooting have been protesting in Florida, but on February 19, high school students from greater Washington DC staged a die-in at the White House on Monday to protest politicians’ inaction on gun violence. Many gun owners have relinquished or even destroyed their assault rifles in support. After all, no kid should have to go to school worried that they could be killed.

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