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The Dirty Truth of Men Opinion 

The Dirty Truth of Men

“Are there any ‘real men’ left in the world?” asks a large majority of females nowadays. The way men react today is depriving the women of happiness and confidence. The typical man today is looked at, and immediately, disappointment is found. What is happening? Where is the integrity, courtesy, and manners?

This all started to happen when swiping right on Tinder took over courtship, and our women started to falsely believe they’ll end up alone if they don’t accept mediocrity. Don’t get me wrong, there are good guys out there, but self-proclaimed guys lack so much making the great men look bad.

Women struggle with men in finding the right guy because there is a difference between a gentleman and a man. Our society has accepted ways such as “Oooh! Dang! Nice butt!” to show a woman you’re interested in her. When guys say these things, they immediately let the females know how men judge women. Which is another reason why a huge portion of women are lacking confidence and security. Males who talk to females in this way allow the non appealing men to be picked out easily. What’s the difference between a man and a ‘real man’?

A ‘real man,’ is referred to as a gentleman. The word gentleman is made reference to be a man who will open doors for you, pull out chairs, walk on the side closest to the street, and pay the bill. I am not saying that he’s doing these things because she isn’t capable. What I am saying is his behavior shows he is interested in the woman and values her entirely. A regular man doesn’t do these traditional things. The typical man today are all about themselves. Putting just enough effort in to gain a woman’s interest and emotional connection making her think he cares, he keeps her guessing like a cat on a string. Behaviors like this cause confusion on the woman’s part. Could I be wrong?

Maybe after all, I am wrong, but the way men treat women has changed. There were things men did and didn’t do in the different eras. Those things were in the unspoken and unwritten book of the proper behavior of men that gave a complete understanding and recognition that your reaction was an immediate reflection of who you are and where you stand as a man leaving you fully accountable and responsible for how you carried yourself.

Overall, there are gentlemen out there, but they don’t show as much. There are men who treat women how they should be treated. Some men could be in the same position as some females, but it is more common in women. Today, men treat women like objects and options, and we, as women, look into why men have fundamentally changed. We embrace and encourage guys to look at us the way they do, and it’s not acceptable because everyone deserves better. These ‘real men’ shouldn’t be viewed as an anti-feminist or perpetuating inequality by treating a women with the respect she deserves, and maybe if we all encourage males to hinge their sense of masculinity on something other than women, everyone will be happier. So, either stand up in honor or stay sitting down so the glorious woman can see the gentleman behind you.

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