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Classic Game Gets a Modern Remake News 

Classic Game Gets a Modern Remake

This coming fall, a new monopoly game will hit the shelves with very new game pieces.

For the first time in the game’s 82 year history, Hasbro is allowing fans to vote on what pieces to include in the new version. On the website,, there are 64 options to choose from. Only eight of these pieces are classics such as the boat or car. The other 54 are new pop culture pieces such as hashtags, emojis, and bunny slippers.

The new version will cost approximately $20 once released.

This will be the most input that fans have had when helping create new versions of the game. To date, around 300 different versions of monopoly have been released. The most recent edition involves a cashless banking system and is called Monopoly Ultimate Banking. This spring, a limited time version of Monopoly, featuring all 64 of the possible game pieces and called Monopoly Signature Token Collection Edition, will be released.

According to senior vice president of marketing, Jonathan Berkowitz, Hasbro always likes to listen to input from fans and hopes that they continue to voice opinions and new ideas.

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