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Texas Protecting Our Future

On Tuesday, December 15, lawmakers from Austin, Texas suggested that refugees coming in from Syria undergo lie-detector tests, or polygraphs, to decipher which ones could be a part of ISIS or any Islamic extremist groups. According to the Bedford Gazette, the plan is being hatched as state leaders defended suing the U.S. government in so-far-unsuccessful efforts to keep families fleeing the war-torn Middle Eastern country out of the state. Lie detector tests would be an easier way to ensure that there are no extremists that could be potentials in upcoming plans of terroristic attacks entering the United States. Texas has the right idea and should be allowed to force Syrian refugees to take the lie-detector tests.

“Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw told the lawmakers that their idea of polygraphing refugees has ‘value,’ even though states have no role vetting refugees,” as stated by the Bedford Gazette. “There is currently no ability to vet these people. By letting refugees into our country without vetting we are putting America at risk,” Republican candidate Ben Carson wrote in an official statement posted on Facebook on Nov. 16. There is no mental or physical harm that comes polygraph tests, which could be an effective way to vet these Syrian refugees. Law enforcement uses polygraphs when hiring and police use them in investigations and are not shunned for the use. “If we can do it for law enforcement to qualify certain law enforcement positions, it may be something we can consider,” Democratic state Representative Richard Peqa Raymond said to the Associated Press. Carson and Raymond both have the right ideas about this. Everyone needs to get on board with Texas and push for the allowance of lie-detector tests to vet Syrian refugees when they enter the United States. There is no harm that can come from using polygraphs  the refugees, only the protection and we need to fight for that protection.

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