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Battling Meth Editorials News 

Battling Meth

Meth is a controlled substance that can cause rapid or irregular heartbeat, delirium, panic, psychosis, and heart failure. It is also defined as a stimulant that can treat ADHD and help obese patients lose weight.


The Bedford Gazette set forth an editorial on December 16, 2015 stating its opinion on how to shut down Indiana’s meth labs. Many people have said to get rid of meth labs would be possible by only allowing pseudo-ephedrine an ingredient in meth, to be available by prescription. On Wednesday, the Association of Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys added its voice, urging legislators to ban over-the-counter sales of this prime ingredient in methamphetamine.

Advocates for this change have pointed out that declines in the number of meth labs has continued in other states with this requirement. House speaker Brian Bosma has identified the issue as a top priority for the upcoming legislative session due to there not being a vote allowed for a prescription requirement bill in 2014.


Oregon went to prescription-only pseudo-ephedrine in 2006, and saw the number of meth labs discovered in the state fall from 192 to nine in 2013. Pennsylvania should have pseudo-ephedrine as prescription-only. If it works for Oregon maybe it will work for Pennsylvania as well. Right now, anything that could possibly help shut down and eliminate meth labs should be put to practice. Anything that has a change to help Pennsylvania should be looked at, put to action, and compared to being without the change. This could be the turning point in Pennsylvania for drug use; it could start the end of a drug war among many.

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