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Should Chipotle Stay Open? Editorials 

Should Chipotle Stay Open?

With the recent outbreak of E. coli in many Chipotle’s , CEO Steve Ells doesn’t seem very affected by that fact that his restaurant caused 52 people in nine different states to be sickened. He is focused on getting the chance of foodborne illness as close to zero percent as possible, but he stated in “Chipotle CEO: No price increase to cover food safety”, “It is impossible to insure that there is a zero percent chance of any kind of foodborne illness anytime anyone eats anywhere.” This statement might be true, but most restaurants don’t cause nearly as many people to be sick, if any. I do not believe that Chipotle should be given another chance with what has happened. There is a problem with the way they run things and it needs to be changed. However, the article “ Chipotle CEO: No price increase to cover food safety” states, “ It’s easier at some other chains to meet the highest food safety standards because everything is cooked, processed or frozen, which is not the Chipotle way.” My opinion is that apparently “the Chipotle way” is not healthy for it’s customers and needs to find a different, more safe way. However, they are trying to make things safer by more testing, and instituting more high-tech food tracking inside it’s restaurants. They are also adding some new procedures such as cutting, washing, and testing tomatoes to insure they’re as clean as possible. I don’t see why they didn’t see the problem with their food before over half of a hundred people got sick. As of now, Chipotle does not plan on raising their prices, but there is a high chance in the near future. I am highly doubtful the public would want to pay more for food that infected 59 with E. coli. “Chipotle CEO: No price increase to cover safety” tells us that, “ At a meeting with business analysts last week, company executives said they would consider raising prices to invest in food safety, but they did not expect to do so before 2017.” Even if Chipotle promises to change the way they do things to keep their food safe, I still would not want to go there; they shouldn’t be in business. The chance of getting E. coli from this place will always be too high.

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