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Cookie Thief

Girl Scout mom Christina Pierce of Falls Creek, Punxsutawney is facing charges of theft by failure to deposit funds and for receiving stolen property on Monday, November 9. Christina stole 81 cases of Girl Scout cookies. Police say that on November 10, someone saw about all the cookies on Facebook. That person reported to the police that he knew where the cookies were and that he would bring them to the police. Christina Pierce had already tried stealing Girl Scout cookies in the past, which she sold for $4 a box. Police Chief James Borzo told WTAJ News, “That individual took custody of all the cookies and had until May to pay their bill which was $3,888. She failed to make her payment.” The cookies were for Christina’s daughter to sell in Girl Scouts. Some of the cookies were “pre-sold” with money collected from customers. James Borzo told WTAJ News, “Contact was made with her. She did make an agreement that she was going to pay the bill by September. She failed to follow up with that agreement,” Christina Pierce was supposed to come up with $3,888 before September. When she didn’t, the police took her into their custody on November 10. The police say that the Girl Scouts of Western Pennsylvania tried to get the money from her before calling the police for help. Betty Fischer, a local resident told WTAJ News, “”I think it’s very sad that someone has to do that. My granddaughters are not in this troop, but they’re in Girl Scouts, and so I’ve always helped out,” The cookies were stolen from the First United Methodist Church in Punxsutawney. The church secretary says that the cookies sometimes come in a truck and are then passed out to the girls. There is a troop that uses the building, but it’s unclear which troop Christina Pierce was in. Chief Borzo told WTAJ News, “The daughter actually moved in with her father then and left the cookies back with her mother. The mother never made restitution for all the cookies that she ordered,” Christina Pierce is charged with felonies because of the value of the stolen cookies.

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