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Herman Cain: In the Run Focus 

Herman Cain: In the Run

This year there are many candidates hoping to take the office in the year of 2012 as the head of our country.  Herman Cain is one of those candidates that are involved in this vigorous race.  He is running in the Republican Party for the USA government.  Before he decided to run for President, he was a Georgia business executive and he led the National Restaurant Association.

Born in Tennessee and raised in Georgia, Herman had a “poor, but happy lifestyle.”  He now is married with two children and has been very successful in his life and careers.  He went to college at Morehouse College with a diploma for Science and Mathematics in 1967.  He furthered his education when he went to Perdue to master in computer science.  One of his jobs he juggled was a ballistics analyst for the US Navy.  He had many honorary degrees and he received the Horatio Alger Award.   Many people are going to happily vote for him due to his terrific business background, and that he is new to politics.

In November, he was accused of sexual harassment allegations in many different cases.  The accusers of these offenses say that these incidents happened over a decade ago.  They took place while Herman Cain was leading the National Restaurant Association.  Herman denied these offense charges.  The offenses are going to make him loose a lot of votes, and could potentially hurt his dream of being president.

In a speech, Herman said that God wants him to run for the office.  He compares himself to Moses by saying that he said “You’ve got the wrong man, Lord.  Are you sure?”  Then, right there, he decided there was no turning back or throwing in the towel.  A lot of politics believe that he is using this as a cover-up for more votes due to the accusations he received.  He is using religious views and his Baptist beliefs to swing more votes others say.  Also, many say that he is definitely not lying due to his church background in Atlanta since the age of 10.  He stated that if his wife would keep supporting and staying with him in the run, he would stay in the race for President.

In a speech made by Herman, he believes that the United States of America needs to be more involved with space and space exploration.   Cain believes that the US needs to take our rightful place in terms of space technology.  Russia is beating us by their space program so we, as Americans, need to step it up.

In our country there is a major issue with taxes all across these 50 states.  Herman came up with a 999 plan to help cure these problems.  In his America the rates for taxes would be 9% for the corporate income tax rate, 9% of personal income tax rate, and another 9% is for the national sales tax rate.  This system is very simple and easy for the US to abide by.

Right now in this race, there are many mixed emotions about Herman Cain.  Due to his charges he is being looked down on and his experience and religious views boost his confidence.  This is going to be a nail-bitter until the end of this race and I am anxious to see if he comes out on top.

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