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Worldwide Chocolate Shortage News 

Worldwide Chocolate Shortage

There are many things in the United States that are going up in price. For example, there’s gas, milk, and eggs. However, would you ever think about the price of chocolate going up?

A new study shows that there could be a shortage of chocolate. World citizens produced over 70,000 metric tons of chocolate in the past year. Not only are Americans becoming “chocoholics”, but now people in India and China are wanting more and more chocolate. The company Mars inc. that produces M&M, Snickers, and 3 Musketeers said, “If we continue to gorge ourselves at the current rate, the demand for chocolate will outpay supply by 2,000,000 metric tons by 2030.” The International Cocoa Organization calls these predictions, “Very overstated.” Humans, however, are not the only cause of a shortage in chocolate. Drought and a crop disease called frosty pod rot also left supplies low. In the future, chocolate consumers should expect it to be more expensive and contain less flavor to conserve chocolate.

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