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Eric Frein Still Running News 

Eric Frein Still Running

eric_freinEric Frein opened fire on two Pennsylvania state troopers, killing one and critically injuring the other on September 12, 2014.  This happened between a shift change at the Blooming Grove Barracks about 60 miles north of Allentown.  Trooper Bryon Dickson was killed immediately while Trooper Alex Douglass lived, but has undergone many surgeries at Geisinger Community Medical Center in Scranton.  Police have been looking for Frein for quite some time, not ever really sure where he is.  They do know that he is in dense, hilly woods near the Monroe-Pike county border.  The police found evidence of this when they found one of the two rifles that Frein had with him when he shot the two police officers.  After the shootings, residents of the surrounding areas were urged to stay inside and lock all doors and windows.  Schools and churches had their decision on whether they were going to close or not and most schools and churches decided to close.  One church, Mountainhome United Methodist Church, is being used as a shelter for those that can’t get back to their homes.  Once the immediate danger of this man was over however, many of the residents started to integrate back into society with extreme caution because this man was still believed to be armed and dangerous.  Frein was first linked to the ambush when his parent’s Jeep was uncovered from a pong and they found evidence of his involvement.  More evidence was later found that further proved that it was indeed Eric Frein that shot both of the policemen.

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