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Montezuma provides quality Mexican food to the area Opinion 

Montezuma provides quality Mexican food to the area

If you’re looking for a solid Mexican restaurant in the area, check out Montezuma in Altoona. With additional locations in Chambersburg, Waynesboro, and Gettysburg, Montezuma will satisfy both you and your wallet. While not a typically extravagant diner, I do expect to be pleased with my meal when I splurge, and Montezuma provided the answer to my cravings for authentic Mexican cuisine.

The dining atmosphere at Montezuma is fantastic, easily rivaling the best atmosphere I’ve ever experienced in a Mexican restaurant. We were seated very quickly upon arrival, and led to a booth in a quiet corner of the restaurant. Located throughout the restaurant are tastefully placed relics that appeared to be both old and new. Mariachi music played overhead was a bit too loud, as I had trouble distinguishing the words of the songs from those of my own conversation. Our server returned, carrying chips and extremely spicy salsa, to take our drink orders almost immediately. He outlined the specials in great detail and left us to order. The menu appeared to be somewhat crowded, and it took me a few minutes just to find something as simple as tacos on the menu. Montezuma offers your standard Mexican fare, such as burritos, enchiladas, and chimichangas. Diversity in the menu is clearly valued as well, featuring everything from vegetarian selections to decadent desserts.

I wasn’t in the mood for a fancy meal, so I went with the old standby for me: three soft beef tacos. As to be expected with tacos, they arrived promptly, so I have no observations to make regarding how fast any other meal may get to your table. The soft shells were somewhat soggy, but the tacos were filled nearly full with beef. The lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese were also given in generous amounts. I personally felt that the beef was lacking a bit in flavor, and it could have been accentuated with a bit of spice. The beef also appeared to be thoroughly cooked and served at a safe temperature.

Overall, Montezuma caters to the diner with an appetite for good Mexican food, fun, and a little bit of flair. I would go back again, but I would order a more sophisticated meal next time to truly test the cooking techniques, service, and quality of the food.

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