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Should You Have to Stand For The Pledge? Editorials Opinion 

Should You Have to Stand For The Pledge?

It has come to many students’ and teachers’ attention that some students do not stand for the moment of silence or say the pledge. The moment of silence is a silent prayer, a gesture of respect and a time to mourn for those who have died in a historic event. If you wish to sit during the moment of silence it shows in your attitude that you are not grateful for those who have died for our freedom. Not saying the pledge is on a whole other level of disrespect;…

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Junior High and High School Students Donate for a Cause Special Events 

Junior High and High School Students Donate for a Cause

Several student charity drives have been taking place for the past several weeks at Northern Bedford high school and middle school to help people all over the world during the holiday seasons. NBC Interact Club hosted an Operation Christmas Child shoebox collection drive starting October 31. Students were encouraged to bring in items to fill a shoebox that would be sent to children anywhere from the ages of 2-14 years old. Their mission was to spread joy all over the world on Christmas Day. Interact Club set a goal for…

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Element Church Changes Lives Places 

Element Church Changes Lives

It is found in a little plaza in Altoona right beside Chuck E Cheese. It is a small building with a little green sign saying, “Welcome to Element Church”. Being a church of regular people who have found life in Jesus, Element Church continues to grow in attendance every week. Element Church is a non-denominational church located in Pleasant Valley Blvd. in Altoona, PA. A non-denominational church is a church that is open to any type of Christian denomination. Element is held on Saturday evening at six and Sunday mornings…

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Magical Mischief News Uncategorized 

Magical Mischief

    Have you ever daydreamed about what it would be like if David Blaine, Drake, Dave Chappelle, and Stephen Curry had a magical dinner party? Probably not, but if you have then imagine no more because the dream is finally here!     This Tuesday ABC aired Beyond Magic; A new one-hour special with all the shock value elements of MTV’s ever classic ‘Punk’d’ mixed in with a dash of mystical nonsense that famous magician, illusionist, and endurance artist David Blaine always brings wherever he goes- which, to the…

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Are Students Overriding the Dress Code? Opinion 

Are Students Overriding the Dress Code?

No ripped jeans, no leggings or yoga pants, no colored hair, only tasteful piercings; these are only a few of the rules Northern Bedford High School strictly enforces when dealing with the dress code. Students are forced to change their outfit if it does not follow the dress code, and it is clear they are fed up with it. The dress code is stated in the handbook for a reason: to prevent the disruption of the student education process. However, it is showing to be even more disruptive when students…

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