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Senior Project Brings Hope Features News Tech Time 

Senior Project Brings Hope

Senior Xiara Long created a local buzz on September 29 when she presented a new arm to Bedford County girl Rayana Fetters. Long manufactured a prosthetic arm using Northern Bedford High School’s 3D printer. Long said, “She kind of just looked up at me and just the look of pure enjoyment spread over her face. That is when it became more than just a graduation requirement. It was just something I could do to help that little girl sitting across the table.” The arm was 3-D printed and put…

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Debate Disaster Editorials News Opinion Politics 

Debate Disaster

By: Gavin Gilbert Round 1: Takeaways from the First Debate The first debate was exactly what the majority of politically educated Americans expected it to be, a train wreck. Hillary attacking Trump and Trump returning shots at Hillary. If I were a foreign politician, I couldn’t help but chuckle at the sad, sad situation that is the 2016 Presidential race. So, what did we actually learn? 1. Gary Johnson needs to make his way to at least one debate stage No, I’m not a libertarian. No, I don’t support the…

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Welcoming Fall in a Festive Way Special Events 

Welcoming Fall in a Festive Way

Delgrosso’s amusement park held their 30th annual Harvest Festival in Tipton, PA on September 24 and 25 to mark the ending of the amusement park season and welcome the season of fall.   Harvest Fest has been held every year for the past 30 years at Delgrosso’s. It hosts several events such as live entertainment from local bands, food, craft and vendor sales and several other events. Admission was $6.00/person. This included rides and entertainment for children and adults. Children under 3 years old were granted free admission.   Amy…

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Stirring Up Healthier Options Arts Food 

Stirring Up Healthier Options

With modern day issues of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, etc. many restaurants have felt compelled to switch up their menu and making it more “health friendly” for consumers.  Food companies are dropping artificial flavors, coloring, preservatives and other additives and focusing more on natural, wholesome and fresh ingredients. They also are focused on lowering sodium and sugar content and moving to gluten-free products.   McDonald’s has recently gotten rid of antibiotic infused chicken and preservatives on items such as the chicken nuggets and the McChicken sandwich. They are now replacing…

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Lights Out For Puerto Rico News Special Events 

Lights Out For Puerto Rico

Close to 1.5 million people were left without power on Wednesday, September 21, 2016 after a fire in the U.S. territory’s Aguirre power plant caused a widespread blackout. The fire started when a power switch overheated and caused a 2,000 gallon oil tank to explode. The fire then spread across three acres before firefighters were able to put it out. Approximately 1.5 million people were originally left without power. After 12 hours, 130,000 people had their power restored, but a large part of the territory remained in the dark. 340,000…

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Copycat Clown Epidemic Editorials News Opinion 

Copycat Clown Epidemic

Recently, social media has been overflowing with posts about clown sightings across the east coast of the United States. These posts have many people scared for both themselves and their children, and the situation has been blown completely out of proportion. The first reported clown sighting was in North Carolina, where someone dressed as a clown was seen hiding near a house and trying to lure children into the woods with him. Since then, reports of clowns hiding in the woods, walking through towns, and even stopping cars in the…

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Homecoming Court Announced News 

Homecoming Court Announced

Seniors boys: Jacob Dasher, Jake Cherry, Zach Price, Dillon Morris, Zach Clark, and Cam Sherlock Senior girls: Jostin Ebersole, Peyton Leidy, Whitley Furry, Shawna Williams, Ashlyn Baker and Hannah Stiffler Junior Reps: Josh Dasher and Maddie Cherry Sophomore Reps: Kahleb Horton and Ally Ritchey Freshmen Reps: Ian Sherlock and Alyssa Foor

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Addressing dress codes Editorials Opinion Rants and Raves 

Addressing dress codes

The Northern Bedford dress code can be beneficial, however it’s taken a little overboard. Today students have trouble  wearing half of the things in their closet. Schools all over America have a dress code. The dress code forbids clothing items such as  spaghetti strap tank tops, leggings, holes in jeans, muscle shirts, and low cut shirts.   There are many clothing items that are understood to be dress coded such as shirts with inappropriate words and “double meanings”,  some things are taken way overboard. For many schools shorts, skirts, and…

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