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Chris Benner Details His Busy Senior Year Features Music News 

Chris Benner Details His Busy Senior Year

As an active member in band, National Honors Society, soccer, show choir, Scholastic Scrimmage, Interact Club, and reading competition, senior Christopher Benner knows how to keep himself busy. Aside from all of his school related activities, Chris also takes piano lessons and plays with the Brethren Bass. Benner finds it easy to balance all of his interests because they occur during different times of the year, however he still gets worn our but enjoys the exhaustion because he is doing things he loves. One of the main activities he participates…

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Choose Cruz Politics 

Choose Cruz

  Ted Cruz is an American politician and the Junior United States Senator from Texas. Cruz graduated from Princeton University in 1992, and from Harvard Law School in 1995. Cruz supports gun rights. On April 13, 2013 Cruz voted against the Manchin Toomey Amendment, an amendment that would require additional background checks on sales at gun shows. Cruz has many good values. Cruz is very in favor of freedom of religion and against abortion. “Our rights come from our creator,” presidential candidate Cruz said after winning the Iowa Caucus. Cruz…

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Blood Loss For Red Cross News 

Blood Loss For Red Cross

On Friday, January 22, 2016 The American Red Cross was at Northern Bedford County High School for the second annual blood drive. Mr. Barton, history teacher and Student Council advisor, sets up the drive every year and supervises it. There were 39 donors over all and the American Red Cross collected 33 units. This was the first time that the rapid pass system was used. A rapid pass allows you to sign up online for giving blood ahead of time. It was supposed to speed up the process, but didn’t…

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Marco Rubio: Best Selection for America Features News Politics 

Marco Rubio: Best Selection for America

With strong demeanor, impeccable charm, and dashing good looks, Marco Rubio has been sweeping the nation with more than just his stance on issues. This presidential candidate, at the age of 44, is the son of two Cuban immigrants. He attended the University of Florida and received his bachelor’s degree before heading to the University of Miami for his degree in law. The republican won his election to join the West Miami City Commission in 1998 before becoming a member of the Florida House of Representatives in 1999. In 2003,…

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German “Queens” are a Special Kind of Royalty Uncategorized 

German “Queens” are a Special Kind of Royalty

Germany is known for it’s culture around carp, but did you know it has a “Queen of the Carp”? A local girl gets elected to represent the fish and the culture of farming there for one whole year! As if having a carp queen isn’t enough for good ole’ Germany, they also have Queen of the Blossom, Queen of the Lakeland, Queen of the Horseradish, Queen of the Blueberry, Queen of the Bavarian Veal Sausage, and many more. These queens are often photographed in a strange way, too.  The pictures…

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Teen Suicides in Texas May Have Been Part of Suicide Pact News 

Teen Suicides in Texas May Have Been Part of Suicide Pact

Sunday, January 31, 2016 will forever be in the hearts and minds of Murphy, Texas community members. Two 17-year-old girls committed suicide in the small town only hours apart. The Plano East Senior High School students Ritu Sachdeva and Hillary Kate Kuizon were discovered dead in the early hours of Sunday morning. Due to the ruled suicides being so close in location and time, police are investigating the possibility of a suicide pact. A suicide pact is an agreement between two or more people to commit suicide together, where those…

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“Howe” Ridiculous Can You Be? Editorials 

“Howe” Ridiculous Can You Be?

Many people in this society do crazy things, but many were knocked off their saddle when they heard that Chris Howe from California filed a lawsuit against McDonald’s for not having 100% mozzarella in their cheese sticks. Most people wouldn’t head over to the local greasy McDonald’s to get organic, healthy meals. Most people know, or just assume, all Mcdonald’s labels about “real beef” and “100% mozzarella” are just fake, but they’re okay with it; they know and don’t really care what’s in it. This, however, is not the case…

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Monte Ritchey Family Fundraiser: Dinner and Auction Uncategorized 

Monte Ritchey Family Fundraiser: Dinner and Auction

On Sunday, January 24, 2016 Northern Bedford Student Council hosted a spaghetti dinner in addition to silent and live auctions. The benefit was to help Monte Ritchey who lives in Loysburg with his wife and two daughters.  Monte, whose oldest daughter, Kayla Ritchey, graduated from Northern Bedford this past year as an active member of the Student Council, and youngest daughter Katie Ritchey, is currently a 5th grader, has been battling Multiple Myeloma. Multiple Myeloma is a blood cancer that affects the white blood cell count, requiring countless trips to…

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Getting To Know Madison Cottle Features 

Getting To Know Madison Cottle

Madison Cottle is a freshman at Northern Bedford County High School. She is the point guard on the Junior High basketball team. She has played basketball since elementary school. She also plays soccer and received a newcomers award this year. She says she plays sports because she likes to be athletic and they help her relieve stress. When asked which sport she would play if she could only choose one and why she said “That’s a hard decision but I would say basketball because it is fun and I am…

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Sexism in the 21st Century: The Pink Tax Editorials Opinion 

Sexism in the 21st Century: The Pink Tax

The “pink tax” is the extra amount women are charged for certain products or services. The “pink tax” is also referred to as sexist pricing and many people believe it does not exist. “Women are paid less and are expected to spend more on products and services…they are charged more simply for being a woman,” a Labor Party MP, Paula Sherriff said. Women are charged about $1,351 more than men a year. The most common areas where women are charged more is clothing, self-care products, and vehicle repair. Recently, Old…

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