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Sparring With the Spartans Sports Winter Sports 

Sparring With the Spartans

The varsity girls basketball team battled the McConnellsburg Spartans on home court on Thursday, December 17, and lost with a score of 63-66. The starting line-up for this game was senior forward Makenzie Eshelman, junior forward Emma Eckenroad, and junior guards Jostin Ebersole, Sydney Snyder, and Peyton Leidy. Snyder scored the most points with a grand total of 25 and Eckenroad fell just behind her with 21. Ebersole took the lead for rebounds with 5 and Eckenroad had 4. Leidy and Snyder tied for having the most assists, both having…

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Super Storm Jonas – what to expect? News Special Events Uncategorized 

Super Storm Jonas – what to expect?

The National Weather Service in State College, Pennsylvania has issued a Winter Storm Warning for Bedford County from 7pm Friday January 22 – 7am Sunday January 24th. Snow total are right now 12 inches – 20 inches or more possible. There will be wind gust so reduced visibility is likely at times. Pennsylvania Department of Transportation District 7 manager Mike Lappi encourages everyone to stay home and by you doing this will allow the the snow plow drivers to get the roads clear. URGENT : Pennsylvania is in a state of…

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Tragedy In the Olsen Family News 

Tragedy In the Olsen Family

On Saturday January 9, 2016  Ashley Olsen was found dead in her apartment. This event misled many of the Olsen twin’s fans. The Ashley Olsen that died on January 9, was not the famous Ashley Olsen. Olsen was 35 years old and living in Florence, Italy. Olsen’s Boyfriend found her. Italian News agency ANSA reported that Olsen was strangled, but authorities wouldn’t comment on the cause of death until they receive an autopsy report. “Her death is being treated as a homicide,” police spokeswoman Maddalena Carosi said on Italian TV….

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Varsity Girls Take on the Indians Sports Winter Sports 

Varsity Girls Take on the Indians

On Monday, December 14, the varsity girls basketball team took on the Southern Fulton Indians and lost with a score of 49-52. The starting line-up for this game was senior forward Makenzie Eshelman, junior forward Emma Eckenroad, and junior guards Sydney Snyder, Peyton Leidy, and Jostin Ebersole. Snyder took the lead for scoring with 15 points. Following close behind her was Eckenroad with 11 points and sophomore Makenzie Gates with 10. Eckenroad and Snyder tied for the lead in rebounds with each of them having 7. Snyder also had 3 assists…

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The Singing Panthers Music 

The Singing Panthers

The 2015-16 show choir, officially The Singing Panthers Show Choir, is a group comprised of seven talented high school students who love to sing and perform. The Singing Panthers Show Choir learn two programs a year: a holiday program, which they perform at multiple places, and one to do in the late winter/spring.  They rehearse usually once or twice a week.  Members this year are seniors Christopher Benner, Ethan Eckenroad and Bailey Musselman, sophomores Sabrina Long and Baylee Swope, and freshmen Mara Laird and Madison Cottle.  The director is Mrs….

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Dear Crabby Opinion 

Dear Crabby

Dear Crabby –   I’m wondering how I can dig myself out of the hole I pushed myself into. I am a sophomore in high school and I always push studying to last minute and then I struggle and get a low grade on my tests. Studying is boring to me and so I do not have motivation to do it, but I want to pass my classes. What can I do?   Stressed About Tests   Dear Stressed About Tests,   In all honesty you could glue your head…

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Miss Universe….Or Not Fashion News 

Miss Universe….Or Not

On Sunday, December 20 2015 the wrong contestant was crowned Miss Universe. It was down to Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez, and Miss Philippines, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, when host Steve Harvey wrongfully crowned Miss Columbia. She had a short time in the limelight until Harvey realized his mistake. Miss Columbia was actually first runner up. Last year’s 2014 Miss Universe had already crowned Miss Columbia. When Harvey walked back out on stage Ariadna Gutierrez looked confused. “Okay folks… I have to apologize. The first runner up is Columbia.” said Harvey.  Pia…

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Las Vegas Street Crash News 

Las Vegas Street Crash

On Sunday December 20, 2015 Lakeisha Holloway crashed her 1996 Oldsmobile Sedan through the Las Vegas Boulevard and onto the sidewalk. Civilians say she was just carelessly mowing down people. Holloway was living out of her car at the time with her 3 year old daughter. She was trying to sleep in her car, but the owners of the properties she was trying to park at told her to move. She then drove down Las Vegas Boulevard, driving onto the sidewalk and hitting people. This was just steps away from…

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Leggings Need to be Accepted Editorials 

Leggings Need to be Accepted

Many schools today have accepted the fact that leggings are a modern style that many teens enjoy and have welcomed leggings into their dress code, but not at Northern Bedford. Northern Bedford stands strong to the “no tight exercise wear” rule. It is not the female’s fault that they have bodies that men like. Women should not be told to hide their bodies so the men won’t be distracted; female education is just as important male education. Not only does this seem sexist, it also has no effect on education….

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