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You “Must-Dash” from Drugs News Special Events 

You “Must-Dash” from Drugs

Thursday, October 29 the Northern Bedford high school and middle school students wore a mustache and/or sneakers to “dash” away from drugs. The middle school made a day out of wearing a mustache while the high school was filled with students wearing sneakers ready to run. A picture of Caplin Lingenfelter and Austin Thomas’s sneakers is shown below.

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Join the Fight Against Drugs News Special Events 

Join the Fight Against Drugs

Wednesday, October 28 Northern Bedford looked like it was going into war. A fight against drugs was definitely well-known. The students dressed in camouflage as if they were going to war to fight off drugs. Coming together as one to fight the use of drugs will have a better outcome than fighting alone. Fighting alone is not all bad though. Even if you are fighting alone you’re still fighting and every little battle helps win the war against drugs. Shown below is a selfie of Brook Troutman wearing camouflage.

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Too Bright for Drugs Focus News Special Events 

Too Bright for Drugs

Tuesday, October 27 kept the week going strong with Too Bright for Drugs day. Students of Northern Bedford high school and middle school wore bright colors or their favorite college t-shirt. Bright colors show that one has a bright future without the use of drugs. College t-shirts show a future full of knowledge. Stay educated about the drugs around you. Knowledge is power and power will keep you healthy and drug free. Below Krista Foor and Shaylie Finnegan are pictured showing off bright colors.   (No Photo Available for College…

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Celebrate Drug Free and Grim Reaper Day Focus News Special Events 

Celebrate Drug Free and Grim Reaper Day

On October 26, Northern Bedford’s high school and middle school began Red Ribbon Week with celebrating being drug free and Grim Reaper Day. Many of the students participated by wearing red. Below Krysta Kennedy is shown wearing a dark red shirt in celebration of being drug free. In celebration of Grim Reaper Day, the Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) members are chosen to have their faces painted like those who would have died in a drunk-driving related accident. As statistics stand today; every 30 minutes someone dies of said accidents….

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Panther Volleyball Still Crushin’ It Fall Sports Sports 

Panther Volleyball Still Crushin’ It

On October 13th, the Junior High girls took down Fannett Metal, beating them in both games to maintain their undefeated season. The Panthers slacked during the first game, but still came out with a win by a score of 25-15. They went into the second game hoping to make it a quick victory and followed through, creaming Fannett Metal 25-5. Krysta Kennedy, a freshman the setter for the JH girls volleyball team said, “We had a pretty good game. I believe we could’ve done better in the first game, but…

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Panthers Play Hard Against the Lions Fall Sports Sports 

Panthers Play Hard Against the Lions

On Saturday October 17th, the Black Panthers Boys’ soccer team lost 3-1 to league rival Chestnut Ridge during a freezing home game.  During the opening minutes of the game, the Lions scored an easy goal against a Panther defense that was not ready.  The first goal seemed to wake the Panthers, up and the team quickly started to play better. The players started to compete and finished the half only down by one.   The Panthers started the second half hoping to score a goal to tie the game.  Unable…

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Doctored Photos Are Not Okay Opinion 

Doctored Photos Are Not Okay

A doctored image for Ralph Lauren Blue Label started a war of words between the elite fashion label and popular Website It all started when BoingBoing claimed to have found an advertisement featuring veteran Ralph Lauren model Filippa Hamilton-Palmstierna looking so skinny, her head is wider than her hips. “Dude, her head’s bigger than her pelvis,” wrote a BoingBoing blogger, mocking the very over-photoshopped photo. BoingBoing found the photo on a blog called photoshop Disasters.On Thursday, Polo Ralph Lauren released the following statement about the retouched ad, as reported…

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Couple Lets 4-Year Old Son Wander Streets Alone News 

Couple Lets 4-Year Old Son Wander Streets Alone

Dalton Hardy, age 22, and Nicole A. McElwain, age 24, turned themselves into Tyrone police on Tuesday on arraignment on child endangerment charges stemming from multiple incidents where their four-year old autistic son was found wandering on borough streets. They both faced felony charges, but Dalton Hardy was changed with an additional misdemeanor count. Tyrone police said that the couple has allowed their boy to wander off a half-dozen times in the last year, including once in the middle of the night. According to charges filed in Tyrone District Court,…

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This Isn’t Goodbye, Just See You Later News 

This Isn’t Goodbye, Just See You Later

According to We Are Central Pa, teen Jared Stopyra, 15, of Johnstown committed suicide after being bullied at school. Many gathered to honor Jared’s memory at a candle-lighting vigil organized by best friend Lexi Rogers. Family and friends celebrated Jared’s life by sharing memories. Family and friends remembered all that he had brought into their lives. A moment of silence, a walk around the Calvary United Methodist church, where the vigil was held, and blowing out of candles ended the night. Leaving Jared with only a “see you later,” said…

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