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Back to the Future Focus News 

Back to the Future

Have you ever thought you belonged in another decade? If so, today was your chance to show it. Students were given the opportunity to dress in their favorite decade such as the 60s, 70s, or 80s. Participation was widespread, through the school and the decades! Join in tomorrow for stop light day! The cover photo features Samantha Steele representing everyone’s favorite decade: the 80s! Eli Kapinski representing the 80s                                          …

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Rivalry Day Focus News 

Rivalry Day

To kick off spirit week, the day’s theme was rivals. A rival is a person or thing competing with another for the same objective or for superiority in the same field of activity. Students were dressed as opposing super heroes, super hero/villain, sports teams, or simply just opposite of each other. There was a lot of participation that we hope to see continue throughout the week. The cover photo features Jerica Hardy and Shaylie Finnegan as Batman and Superman. Shelby Crooks and Paige Thomas dressed as Pikachu and Jessie from…

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Murder at Delta State University News 

Murder at Delta State University

A professor at Delta State University was suspected of fatally shooting his girlfriend, as well as another professor from the school. He was found dead Monday night, apparently with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The suspect, Shannon S. Lamb, taught geography and social science education at the university. He was pulled over by the local police in Greenville, Miss., about 35 miles west of the campus in Cleveland, Miss., the university’s police chief, Lynn Buford, said in a phone interview early Tuesday. According to Chief Buford, Dr. Lamb ran into a…

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Panther Soccer Makes a Comeback Uncategorized 

Panther Soccer Makes a Comeback

After a week of rough losses, the boys’ soccer team has finally made a turn around with a 4-3 win over Forbes Road on Wednesday.  The panthers had been on a three game losing streak,  making the team’s record 1-4.  Desperate to salvage the season, the team needed a win to hopefully turn the season around. The team worked hard, starting off the game with a goal by JC Norris which was assisted by Cameron Sherlock.  After that though Forbes Road responded with two unanswered goals.  Losing 2-1 at half time,…

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Breaking Stereotypes: JC Noris Features 

Breaking Stereotypes: JC Noris

High school students are stereotyped as lazy teenagers that survive off of Netflix and pizza.  Often in media and movies teens are seen as sweatpants wearing freeloaders. However, here at Northern Bedford that is not true.  There are plenty of students that break this stereotype.  One student that easily beats this stereotype is Northern Bedford Senior JC Norris.  JC has time invested into soccer, band, a job on his farm, and obviously his school work.  With so much on his plate it must take time and commitment for JC to…

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Flag on the Play Focus News 

Flag on the Play

High school athletes appear to becoming increasingly violent. On September 4, at a Texas high school football game, a player made a gut wrenching tackle, leveling his victim. However, this was not a standard tackle, considering the tackled person was a referee. This blindside was then followed by another player diving onto the fallen referee, helmet first. Players claim racial slurs were made by said referee and one of their coaches directed them to perform the task. “The students alleged that an assistant coach said (of the targeted umpire), ‘That…

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Class Officers News 

Class Officers

Northern Bedford is bringing on a new school year with new class officers.The election was held on Tuesday, September 15th, 2015. The following people are taking on the goals to make sure each class has a successful school year. The 2016 senior class President is Bailey Musselman; Vice President is Kassi Horton; Treasurer is Hayley cottle; and Secretary is Morgan Spiker. For the Junior class: President- Megan Keyser; Vice President- Alyssa Johnson;  Treasurer- Xiara Long; and Secretary- Whitley Furry. The Sophomore class of 2018 elected members are: President- Allison Cottle;…

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Dear Crabby Opinion 

Dear Crabby

Dear Crabby- I am a shy 16 year old boy with a slightly different dilemma. Even though I have been on “dates” with girls on and off since I was in 7th grade, I am still hesitant to ask girls out who I am attracted to. The thought of rejection scares me, since I normally succeed at everything I do – which includes sports and academics. Girls are almost constantly “hitting” on me and inviting me to sporting events, picnics, parties, etc., and I have no idea what to do….

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Cemetery Vandals News 

Cemetery Vandals

Heather Pettigrew was sitting at home on September 19th when she got the call from a close friend saying that the tombstones at the Rivertown Cemetery in Kiskiminetas Township had been vandalized. Heather’s grandmother (who died in 2002) and grandfather (who died in 1998), were buried in the cemetery. Heather’s great, great aunt was also buried there. Heather immediately rushed to the cemetery, to see that 200 tombstones had been vandalized with red spray paint. The manager of the cemetery, Adam Shupe claims that it happened sometime between sundown on…

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Panthers Crush Bulldogs! Fall Sports 

Panthers Crush Bulldogs!

NBC’s girls Junior High volleyball team took another win, 25-13, on NBC’s court on September 15th against the Claysburg Bulldogs. Starting off the first game they were running around like chickens with their heads cut off. They were sloppy and they weren’t giving it their all. However, they managed to take down the Bulldogs, 25-13. Knowing the first game was a mess, it was their goal to go into the second game and show Claysburg what they had, but they didn’t. They continued the frantic plays and passes just to…

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