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Little Panthers Make a Big Difference News 

Little Panthers Make a Big Difference

Northern Bedford Elementary participated in some colorful Dance-A-Thon fundraising on March 24, 2015. The 5th grade student council along with freshman Syd Lingenfelter organized a “Color War” amongst the students to raise money for the Northern Bedford Dance-A-Thon.   Each grade was assigned a certain color to wear on Tuesday. They were also encouraged to bring in donations for Dance-A-Thon. The class that raised the most money would receive a prize that has yet to be determined. At one of the initial meetings for the event, Lingenfelter stated, “We are…

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Josh Rupeka Student of the Week Features 

Josh Rupeka Student of the Week

You may see him flying around NBC hallways, tearing it up under the Friday night lights, or cheering on his favorite sports team: Rupeka’s Hurdling Team. Joshua “Night Hawk” Rupeka is The Northern Lite’s Student of the Week.   Josh is a junior at Northern  Bedford, and after high school he dreams of living beside Jeff Batzel, so he can have BBQ’s every week… even in the winter. Night Hawk’s favorite activity outside of school is doing parkour and different “shenanigans” with his friends. Joshua dreams of traveling to Gotham…

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Small Community Makes a Big Difference News Special Events 

Small Community Makes a Big Difference

NBC’s biggest event of the year, Dance-A-Thon, was held on Thursday April 2nd, 2015 at 9 pm and ended on April 3rd at 7 am. Students danced the night away in the high school gym to popular music played by DJ Jeremy Jesse.   Dance-a-Thon has been a yearly event that has happened since 2009. Since this first THON, students have raised over $134,000 for the American Cancer Society and other families in need. This year the students raised a record breaking $34,000 for the American Cancer Society and families…

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9 Year Old Girl on Fire Sports 

9 Year Old Girl on Fire

At the age of 9, elementary student at Northern Bedford, Araya Keller, is the new level 4 runner up for floor and beam in the state. Araya competed on Saturday, March 6 in Pittsburgh PA at the Level 4 Gymnastics State Competition along with her qualified teammates from LTD Academy located in Altoona, PA.   Araya started the competition rough with not landing 1 out of her 2 vault trials. She received an 8.6 as her overall vault score. Next, she moved on to bars. With a sprained finger, Araya…

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The Truth About The Panther Cafe Editorials Rants and Raves 

The Truth About The Panther Cafe

School lunches aren’t typically known for their great tasting food. In fact, most are known to be average or poor lunches. Some schools, however, have great tasting food with more than just two choices that vary everyday. Other schools have big portions that are quite filling. Considering all these options may leave you wondering, does the Panther Cafe need to make some changes?   Schools are supposed to supply healthy and filling meals to help students get through the rest of their day. Northern Bedford’s lunches however do not meet…

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Frosty Panther Grand Opening News 

Frosty Panther Grand Opening

Things seemed a bit chillier than normal on Saturday, April 25, 2015 as the Frosty Panther ice cream stand had its grand opening at 12 pm. Owner Brice Verbit seemed very confident in the ice cream stand and his employees.   The Frosty Panther, what used to be the Cowpoke Creamery, uses Ritchey’s Dairy soft served ice cream mix. Prices are very reasonable with small cones being less than $2. On Saturday, baby cones were $0.50 each. This week’s soft serve flavor options were chocolate, vanilla, twist, salted caramel, and…

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Tim Tebow: Quarterback or Easy Publicity? News Polls Sports 

Tim Tebow: Quarterback or Easy Publicity?

It’s no secret that Tim Tebow is one of the most famous faces among the fair-weather football fans because of his strong Christian faith, home-grown backstory, and movie star personality. So with his recent signing with the Philadelphia Eagles raises the question; why? The Eagles have a young potential stud in Sam Bradford (although he does have injury problems) and a solid mid-level talent in Mark Sanchez. So why spend money on a quarterback who’s had major struggles to the point of leaving the NFL to become an ESPN anchor?…

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Panther Track and Field Shines During Invitational Week News Sports Spring Sports 

Panther Track and Field Shines During Invitational Week

  The boys and girls Northern Bedford track and field teams had solid individual and team performances in a week packed with action. On Wednesday, April 22nd the teams traveled to Hancock, Maryland for the Tri-State invitational. On a dreary, gloomy day, the boys earned 5th place out of 12 teams at the competition, while the girls picked up 3rd out of 12. Stellar individual performances were abundant below the Mason-Dixon Line as well. Sadie McConnell jumped a season best 31’2” in the triple jump, gathering 3rd place for the…

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