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History in the Making Uncategorized 

History in the Making

On Friday, March 6, 2015 the Northern Bedford Scholastic Scrimmage Team became the first team in Northern Bedford history to qualify for the District Scholastic Scrimmage meet. The Northern Bedford Scholastic scrimmage team is advised by Ann Jones and consists of juniors Chris Benner and J.C. Norris, and sophomores Cam Sherlock, Matt McCloskey, and Xiara Long. NBC’s team competed against Penn Cambria’s Scholastic Scrimmage Team in two intense games. In the end, Penn Cambria prevailed and will move onto the state competition in Harrisburg. The NBC Scholastic Scrimmage team lost,…

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Dancers Get Inspired Special Events 

Dancers Get Inspired

A Dance-A-Thon information meeting was held in the gym on Wednesday, February 25, 2015 to discuss details regarding THON 2015. Mr. Black ran the meeting, faculty, such as Mr. Sherlock, also helped explain various topics.   The meeting started out with over 100 kids filing into the gym bleachers, excited for the big event. Mr. Black began with explaining the theme of this years Dance-A-Thon, which is Everyday Heroes. Students are encouraged to attend the Dance-A-Thon and dress as their favorite superhero. After explaining the theme, he moved on to…

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Blow the Dust off that Trophy, Please Editorials Uncategorized 

Blow the Dust off that Trophy, Please

In some schools across America students are being taught that there is a higher value in athletic accomplishments than in academic achievements. Many schools excessively celebrate athletic triumphs, while academic feats are given little to no acknowledgment. Although outstanding athletic performance should be celebrated, schools need to celebrate academic achievements with equal fervor. The main objective of schools is to educate youth and instill them with the skills necessary to be successful adults. There is no disputing that participation in sports can have a positive social impact on students. However,…

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