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Virtual School Day? News 

Virtual School Day?

Bishop Guilfoyle students had their first online school day on January 26, 2015 despite the snowstorm that made it too dangerous to travel to school. Students used school-issued iPads to complete daily assignments.   Teachers and students of Bishop Guilfoyle agree that virtual assignments on snow days are a good thing because they keep everything on schedule. Seniors especially like the idea so they do not have to worry about the date of graduation changing. Hannah Carey, Senior, Bishop Guilfoyle, stated, “Every single class has posted an assignment so I’m…

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Dear Crabby: Hopeless in Hopewell Opinion 

Dear Crabby: Hopeless in Hopewell

Dear Crabby, As I sit here contemplating as to what to get my boyfriend, who I will refer to as “Bubba”, for Valentine’s Day this year, I was inspired to write to you for (as always) heartfelt, sincere, and down to earth advice. We have been an item since 1st grade, and we are both seniors now. And, over the past 14 years, we have both been through a lot of ups and downs in our relationship, but we still deeply care about each other. In the past we have…

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2015 Northern Bedford Softball Season? News 

2015 Northern Bedford Softball Season?

Softball season is quickly approaching, and many players are waiting anxiously to step out on the field for the first day of practice. For Northern Bedford softball players, that may not happen this year. With a two feet drop from the pitcher’s mound to home plate, the softball field is considered a safety hazard. The school board has not yet made their decision as to whether they give Makenzie Eshelman permission to restore the field for her senior project. If Makenzie does not get permission, NBC softball with have to…

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Should Freshman Obsess Over Playing Varsity Sports? Opinion 

Should Freshman Obsess Over Playing Varsity Sports?

As a freshman in high school, you have two options in sports such as volleyball, basketball, wrestling, baseball and softball. You can stay in Junior High athletics or move up and play on the varsity team. Many 9th graders are anxious to move up to varsity. However, are they obsessing too much over playing varsity.   There are definitely some perks of playing on the varsity team such as nicer uniforms, nicer equipment, bigger fan section, more recognition for achievements, and many others. There are also some cons of playing…

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Dance-A-Thon Committee Meeting Special Events 

Dance-A-Thon Committee Meeting

The first 2015 Dance-A-Thon meeting took place on November 26, 2014 during period one. It was a committee meeting for students that were voted for the team.   Eight students from each grade which consists of grades 7-12 met in Mr. Black’s room to discuss the past Dance-A-Thon and the future one. The committee decided to have the dance on April 2, 2015 in the high school gym. Officers were elected during the meeting. Brittany Veach remained president from last year, Gavin Gilbert was elected secretary, and Sydney Lingenfelter was…

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Penn State’s THON Features Focus Special Events 

Penn State’s THON

Penn State University’s THON is the longest dance marathon in the country, lasting 46 hours. THON has grown to have more than 15,000 students each year and has inspired other university, high school, middle school, and elementary school students across the nation to start dance marathons of their own all in the hopes of conquering pediatric cancer. THON will take place on February 20-22, 2015.   THON was first organized in 1973 by a group of Penn State students that were looking to add some excitement to a bitter cold…

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Jean Bonnet Focus 

Jean Bonnet

The Jean Bonnet Tavern in Bedford, PA has been a popular restaurant for many years. Many historical people dined at this restaurant. The Jean Bonnet may be a very popular place to go, the food is not the greatest.   Due to its location, it became an important location for early settlers and travelers. It was built on the only road connecting eastern Pennsylvania with the Ohio River and territories beyond, at the junction of the Old Forbes and Burd Roads (Routes 30 and 31). Colorful moments were shared when…

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