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Taliban Target Children Focus News 

Taliban Target Children

Pakistan has begun a national mourning period on Wednesday, over the deaths of 145 people (132 being children) after a Taliban attack on a school Tuesday. The Taliban soldiers ambushed a school in Pakistan, explosives wrapped around them, into an auditorium full of students. The extremists attempted to justify the attack by saying they attacked a school hat mostly admits the children of male soldiers. They argue it was a civil duty, preventing the children from following in their fathers’ footsteps. The soldiers allegedly yelled “God is great!” as they…

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Panther Boys Basketball off to Rough Start Sports Winter Sports 

Panther Boys Basketball off to Rough Start

The Northern Bedford Panthers boys’ basketball team is off to a rocky 0-3 start. The three losses in three games come at the hands of the Bedford Bison, the Indians of Southern Fulton, and the Chestnut Ridge Lions, by scores of 54-33, 49-40, and 63-33 respectively. The Panthers are hampered by poor guard play, and limited production from underneath the basket. When the Bedford Bison came into town, the Panthers put up a good fight and were down only 6 at halftime. However, only having 8 players on the active…

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Movie Review- Throwback Films Movies 

Movie Review- Throwback Films

1.      The Nightmare before Christmas…the 2 weeks between Thanksgiving break and Christmas break. 2.      The Hunger Games…government issued lunch 3.      Mission Impossible…Senior Project requirements 4.      Nightmare on Elm Street…the Freshmen class 5.      Napoleon Dynamite…Pd. 2 World History 6.      Mean Girls…College Sociology 7.      Miracle on 34th Street…Passing Mrs. Yoder’s tests 8.      Fast and Furious…procrastination at its finest 9.      300…gym class heroes (this is SPARTA) 10.  Gone Girl…Seniors after graduation

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First Week of Lady Panther Basketball Sports Winter Sports 

First Week of Lady Panther Basketball

  It was a very busy first week for the NBC girls’ basketball team, with four games. The girls won all four games of the week! The girls’ first game was hosted at home against Forbes Road on Monday, December 8th with the final score of 54 to 38. Hannah Drenning had 16 points, 8 rebounds, 4 steals and 4 assists, Sydney Snyder had 13 points, 7 rebounds, 6 steals, and 3 assists, and Emma Eckenroad and Lana Gochnour had 9 points each. Heach Coach Todd Eckenroad stated “I felt…

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Dear Crabby: Lovesick in Lafayettsville News Opinion 

Dear Crabby: Lovesick in Lafayettsville

Dear Crabby, I am a 16 old High sophomore with a rather different dilemma. The girl I have been seeing since the NB Homecoming (I’ll call her Suzy) comes from a family that appears to have an unlimited supply of money (or credit) with all the toys, gadgets, and vehicles they own. My family, on the other hand, barely gets by but we are too proud to ask for help. I have been embarrassed for Suzy to come over to my house, since we live in a moderate home with…

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