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Pros and Cons on Watching TV Editorials Opinion 

Pros and Cons on Watching TV

Watching television has been a very popular thing to do ever since it was invented. It gives us something to do when we are bored or when we have some free time. Either way elders, adults, teens, and children enjoy what the television has to offer. There are many different programs/shows to watch to please our moods. For example there are comedies, news, talk shows, and etc. With all that said, watching television has some advantages but also has some disadvantages. Some advantages would be entertainment and laughter, receiving information,…

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Humans & Dogs Should Have Same Punishments Editorials Opinion 

Humans & Dogs Should Have Same Punishments

Should dogs who bite someone be executed? I’ve seen this question arise many times over the years. Many states have the one-bite rule which means “If you have been bit by a dog the pet’s owner cannot be held liable for an injury to you that was caused by the first bite inflicted by their dog.” So in other words both the dog owner and the dog gets one free pass, but only one. After one, the dog must be put down. In my opinion, the idea of this rule…

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There is No Harm in Hair Editorials Opinion 

There is No Harm in Hair

    All of us know the rules, and we all realize Northern Bedford is strict.  Yes, it is understandable about the finger tip length rule and spaghetti straps.  But really, should Northern Bedford really have the right to say that students cannot do what they want with their hair?     Throughout elementary, middle school, and high school, there is usually at least one person who challenges the rule.  After all, aren’t tattoos and hair feathers allowed?  Of course bright colors may draw some attention, but girls have all different ‘natural’…

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