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Dance-A-Thon Kick-off Focus News 

Dance-A-Thon Kick-off

By: Peyton Leidy   On Thursday April 17,  the NBC students and staff had an assembly to get them excited for the dance.  There were a few different events in this pep rally.  The teachers had a faculty basketball game.  Students made signs for the teachers, cheering them on.  The teachers played hard-core and were zipping up and down the court; shocking the students with their speed.  The Varsity Boys and Girls Basketball Teams got to go out on the court and spin and then tried to make a free-throw. …

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NB N.E.R.D.S. Bring Home Second Place Focus News 

NB N.E.R.D.S. Bring Home Second Place

By. Thea Gochnour   On April 15 at 4:30 P.M., Northern Bedford’s high school Reading Competition traveled to Forest Hills middle school. The Reading Competition is held by IU8. This has been a tradition for the middle school since 1994. This was the first year that Northern Bedford had a reading competition for high school. Northern Bedford’s high school team was called the NB Nerds. The NB Nerds captain was Hannah Frederick, with Christopher Benner as their co-captain. The others on the team were Brent Baker, Jessika Brantner, Alyssa Johnson,…

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Lucky News 


A 3.85 carat diamond was found at an Arkansas state park last October. The diamond is believed to be worth $20,000 and that is the price Tana Clymer sold it for also. She intends to use the money for college. “She says she couldn’t believe her good luck and asked her father if she was dreaming.” ( gem was a yellowish color and is about the size of a jelly bean. The state park is the only diamond producing park in the United States that people can visit. The park…

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Tragic Shooting in Murrysville, Pennsylvania Focus News 

Tragic Shooting in Murrysville, Pennsylvania

A tragic event happened early today on Wednesday, April 09, 2014 in Murrysville, Pennsylvania (about 18 miles east of Pittsburgh). A sophomore at Franklin Regional High School went on a stabbing rampage with two knives. The attack occurred shortly after 7 a.m., right before classes began. Twenty people were injured during this horrible stabbing spree. Nineteen students and an adult security guard were wounded. Four of those 19 students were left in critical condition and 12 of those 19 students were seriously injured. A fire alarm was triggered during the…

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Is Facebook the source behind your sadness? Editorials Opinion 

Is Facebook the source behind your sadness?

 By: Courtney Bowser             Do you own a smart-phone or a tablet that you get onto Facebook constantly? Are you not as happy as what you used to be? A recent study, done by the University of Michigan, says that adults who use Facebook often, actually feel worse than when they do not use the app or website at all. Facebook was originally created by Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Huges. These men were attending Harvard University when they came up with the idea for…

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Default Brakes News 

Default Brakes

Chrysler is recalling Chrysler is recalling nearly 870,000 Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango SUVs because corrosion may make the vehicles’ brakes harder to use ( All SUVs from 2011 to 2014 are liable to be recalled because of brake issues. This includes any car buyer that bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and Dodge Durango in any country. The Crimp joints, the part of the brakes will rust and corrode when they get wet. If the crimp joints get wet and freeze the booster aid for the brakes will stop…

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Flight 370 found Uncategorized 

Flight 370 found

Prime minister of Malaysia gave the bad news to the families of those on the plane. He announced Monday that the missing plane went down in the southern Indian Ocean, just below where they were originally thinking it would be. Analysis of satellite information concluded that of where the plane was located. Even though it is thought that the passenger’s families are lost in the thought of hope of finding any survivors, it still left many key questions unanswered. These questions would be, what happened to the plane, why it…

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“Valentine’s day” News 

“Valentine’s day”

“The calendar said March, but Monday clearly was Valentine’s day– James Valentine, to be specific” ( Just 21 years of age and from Pennsylvania had a chainsaw kick back and slice his shoulder, and his neck. Many asked, would he survive his accident? He survived luckily, only by the help of his colleagues and medical responders. It took 30 stitches and an hour of surgery. The next day after the accident Valentine was recovering in the hospital. This all happened when he was called on duty to cut a pine…

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Softball at NBC Opinion Spring Sports 

Softball at NBC

Whack!  The ball smashes off the bat, leaving a crack from the bat for the pitcher to hear, the ball soars in the air, over left field, and makes its way over the fence.  The crowd roars as the runner proudly runs the bases with a trot in their gallop.  Softball games can get your blood pumping and leave you with excitement.   Softball games allow everyone to have a good time.  NBC fans should come show their support at softball games, learn about the sport and have a great time….

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Best spots for adults and kids Uncategorized 

Best spots for adults and kids

Did you ever want to take your kid to a place where you could enjoy it but have a good place for your kids too? CEO and co-founder of travel panning site gogobot Travis Katz, stated, “When you spend a day at some amusement park, you want the whole family to enjoy it- young and old,” that is what gogobot has in common Katz said. Gogobot was announced Tuesday, the fifteen best attractions in the U.S. for kids as part of gogobot travelers favorite awards. They were based off of…

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