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Battle for Brielle Features Focus News 

Battle for Brielle

           Brielle Harmon, daughter of Mathias (Mrs. Martin’s brother) and April Harmon, is a two year old toddler who suffers from the mitochondrial disorder known as Leigh’s Disease.  She was diagnosed in June of 2013 with this rare condition that typically affects infants between ages of three months and two years. Currently, Leigh’s disease does not have a cure.         The Harmon family is passionate in the mission to spread awareness about this condition.  Leigh’s Disease is one specific form of mitochondrial disorder that progresses rapidly.  It affects fine motor skills…

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Sochi Olympics set to kick off amid security concerns News 

Sochi Olympics set to kick off amid security concerns

The 2014 Winter Olympic Games, to be held in Sochi, Russia, are set to kick off on February 6 amid security concerns arising from logistical issues between the Russian and American governments. The Sochi Olympics, located just over 500 miles from the terrorist hotbed of the Caucasus region, has been subject to many security concerns due to its proximity to the Caucasus region and a lack of correspondence between the governments of the United States and Russia. Russia has vowed it is prepared to defend the Olympics of its own…

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Girls Suffer Tough Loss Against Tussey Mountain Sports Winter Sports 

Girls Suffer Tough Loss Against Tussey Mountain

The Lady Panthers only had one game the week of January 20th. They hosted Tussey Mountain at home, on Thursday, January 23rd. The Northern Bedford Girls Basketball team suffered a tough loss against Tussey Mountain, with the final score of 57-27. Tussey led throughout the entire game. For the Lady Titans, Amanda Stoudnour led the team with 16 points and 9 rebounds. While Breana Kendrick had 15 points and Morgan Lynn had 12 points. For the Lady Panthers, Hannah Drenning led with 12 points and 6 rebounds and Sydney Snyder…

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Unforgettable Cyrus Editorials Opinion 

Unforgettable Cyrus

Who would have thought a little girl from Nashville, Tennessee would have such an impact on the music world. On November 23, 1992 a new era of music was born. She started off her musical journey in 2006, when she released her first album “Hannah Montana”. Since then she has released many other albums that have made a name for her, for example “Breakout” and “Can’t Be Tamed”. She has gone from wholesome Hannah Montana to rebel out-of-control Miley Cyrus, what will she think of next? “We Can’t Stop” talking…

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Cove Getaway Editorials Opinion 

Cove Getaway

After seeing the same surroundings for month after month, a change of scenery is exactly what I need by the time summer comes around. There is no better place than Harrisonburg, Virginia where the Massanutten Resort is located. It is positioned in the breathtaking Shenandoah Valley and is surrounded by the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains.  On May 26, 1971, the development of 5,200 acres in Massanutten was announced at a luncheon held in Harrisonburg, by a group of ten investors. Now, a little more than 40 years later, the Massanutten…

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Tom Foor Gives Back Features 

Tom Foor Gives Back

Thomas Roy Foor is married to his wife, Deb and has two children, Andrew and Nicholas. He has been a member of this community for almost 40 years. He hasn’t lived in the Northern Bedford community his entire life. He moved here in 1974, because his father got a job in the community. Tom went to Northern Bedford and he graduated in the class of 1986. Tom says there has been some changes to the community from when he was a teenager. He said in 1988, NBC got a new…

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Zane Snyder: Has All Heart Features 

Zane Snyder: Has All Heart

Zane Gregory Snyder was born on February 23rd and is the son of Matt and Christine Snyder. He is enrolled in University Preparatory classes here at NBC. He participates in football and basketball. When he’s not playing sports, he can be found hanging out with his friends or family. He played varsity football for this year only as a wide receiver, but his real passion remained with basketball, which he had spent and still spends a lot of his free time practicing and striving to become a better player. “It’s…

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Blake Over: Born for the Game Features Winter Sports 

Blake Over: Born for the Game

Blake Over has been an athlete since day one. His biggest passion has always been sports and he has had a very successful athletic career throughout high school. Blake, born on June 15th, 1995, started playing basketball in kindergarten and continued all the way through his senior year. In high school Blake participated in football, basketball and track. According to Blake, he has been on ICC all-star teams in basketball, several all-state teams in football, and has won two state medals as a junior in track. As of January 23rd…

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Mrs. Martin: 3 Years Teaching Features News 

Mrs. Martin: 3 Years Teaching

Mrs. Martin is one of Northern Bedford high school’s teachers, who teaches English and Journalism.  She has been teaching for a total of about four and a half years; three years as a regular educator, one year as a substitute, mainly in Mr. Dutchot’s since she can speak Spanish, and student taught in Mr. Yeatt’s. After attending high school, Mrs. Martin planned on being a lawyer, but throughout college she realized she preferred learning about reading and writing.  Becoming a teacher was a great accomplishment to her, she enjoys making…

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Leading Students of Bedford County Focus News 

Leading Students of Bedford County

Youth leadership is a program for high school sophomores across Bedford County that are interested in taking on leading responsibilities.  At Northern Bedford, three to four students involved in this program leave once a month to meet up with other students from the schools of Bedford County.  Youth Leadership of Bedford County is a ten month program that teaches respect, becoming a better citizen, and a business leader. When Youth Leadership of Bedford County started for the 2013-2014 school year, the students went a ‘retreat’  during summer vacation to establish…

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