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Caffeine and Teens Editorials News Uncategorized 

Caffeine and Teens

School, work, after school practices, and extracurriculars are all a part of the average teenager’s daily life. The changing world demands that teens carry the weight of the world on their shoulders so they can be prepared for “real life” after high school or college. How do teens manage the workload? Motivation only goes so far when you’re sleep deprived and have another couple hours of homework to go. Caffeine is seen as the answer for millions of teens. What could be the downside of a few cups of coffee? The…

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Smartphones can actually help you organize your life! Focus News 

Smartphones can actually help you organize your life!

Now that most people have Smartphone, they are using them for more and more things in their personal lives. When Smartphones first came out, they didn’t really have that many applications, but now-a-days there are apps for everything. There are even apps that can organize your life. One of these apps is called Grocery IQ. This app helps making your grocery list easier. When you type an item into the list, the app puts that item in a category and notifies you when a coupon is available for that food…

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Facebook Etiquette Editorials News 

Facebook Etiquette

Facebook is the home of 1.01 million users. Amongst these 1.01 million users are people who need to learn some Facebook Etiquette. What is Facebook etiquette you ask? Facebook etiquette is the proper way you should use your Facebook. Some examples are. what status’ you should and should not post, what types of pictures you should upload, and who you should accept as your friend. First of all, you should not post a status describing every aspect of your life. Some things are okay, but other things should be kept…

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Teen Eating Disorders Focus News 

Teen Eating Disorders

Did you know that up to 24 million people, all ages and gender, suffer from an eating disorder?  Today, eating disorders are very common all across America.  Each year, thousands of teenagers are developing, or going through an eating disorder.  First off, what is an eating disorder?  An eating disorder is a psychological disorder that involves extreme disturbances in someone’s eating behavior.  The diet never ends, and gradually gets more restrictive.  There are three most common and popular eating disorders among teenagers.  They are anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge…

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Johnson Takes Second Daytona 500 Victory News 

Johnson Takes Second Daytona 500 Victory

Every racing fan around the world had their eyes glued to the TV as the season started with the 55th running of the Daytona 500. This is the opening race of the season and most racers favorite. After the fatal crash that injured 33 people the day before the race, race officials said that the Daytona 500 will go on as scheduled. They had to fix part of the fencing after Kyle Larsson’s car flew into it causing his engine, a tire, and debris hurling into the stands. All drivers…

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Bald is Beautiful Features News 

Bald is Beautiful

On February 7th, 2013, Bedford Country lost a true hero. As Leevi Steele moved onto Heaven on his sixth birthday, many hearts were and are still heavy. Leevi was an inspiration to hundreds throughout the county. His spirit lives on and continues to inspire people. Leevi was truly an amazing little boy. Many people throughout the community have been sending donations to the Steele family to help them get by. Two large fundraisers are being held this coming March. Garry Black, a teacher at Northern Bedford Middle School is organizing…

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Dorner Manhunt Over News 

Dorner Manhunt Over

The manhunt for rogue former LAPD cop Christopher Dorner came to an end on Tuesday night. Dorner, now implicated in the murder of four people, was found dead inside a burned-out cabin Wednesday night by forensic investigators in Big Bear Lake, California. He was cornered by police after barricading himself inside the cabin after carjacking a man, tying up a couple in their home, and stealing a car. The search started on February after the bodies of 27 year old Keith Lawrence and his fiancé, 28 year old Monica Quan…

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