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Swingin’ McCabe Fall Sports News Sports 

Swingin’ McCabe

James John McCabe III was born on May 7th, 1995. He would like everyone to know that he celebrates his birthday every year. His parents are Julie Bratton and Jim McCabe. JJ is currently a senior here at Northern Bedford and is enrolled in College Preparatory classes. This includes Physics II, Chorus, FCS, Gym, Accounting, Statistics, Pre-Cal, College English, and Sociology. JJ also participates in numerous extracurricular activities. In school, he is involved in Varsity Club, Student Council, Chorus, FBLA, and the Student Section. Out of school James found a…

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Angels Among Us Focus News 

Angels Among Us

Every year, NBC sophomore girls take an important role in contributing to the program called Angels Among Us.  The Northern Bedford community donates clothing to the younger children in the school district whose families struggle financially throughout the year.  Each of the girls are assigned a child to look after, take care of, and act as an “angel”.  On various school days, rather than having gym or health class, the sophomore girls sort and organize the clothing that the community donates.  Period 3 girls usually take all of the clothes…

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Pocket Change for Panther Paradise News Special Events 

Pocket Change for Panther Paradise

 Do you remember the joy you experienced as a little kid playing on Panther Paradise? Now it’s your time to give back and allow other kids to have the same great experiences you had. The FFA and After 3 Program are partnering together to ask people for their pocket change to help raise money to rebuild Panther Paradise. They are asking students to put their loose pocket change in the plastic bags that were distributed in homeroom and they will then be collected. FFA will collect the money from homerooms…

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Anna Clapper Features News 

Anna Clapper

      Anna Nicole Clapper was born on November 30th, 1994 to Herb and Karen Clapper. She is a senior here at Northern Bedford High School and participates in the Chorus program. Anna says that she joined chorus because she enjoyed singing and wanted to put her talent to good use. She sings in the alto section. She says, “I’d have to say my favorite part about chorus is all the good laughs we have during practice, on concert days, and while we’re preparing for our musicals.” Anna has been in…

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Josh Fouser Features News 

Josh Fouser

     Joshua Douglas Fouser, also known as Josh, was born to Shelly and Doug Fouser on December 14th. He is a senior here at Northern Bedford and is a proud member of the band program. Josh says that he joined band because he was born with a love of music and he wanted to continue it. He has been in band for 7 years now, and he plays his Clarinet that he named George. When Josh was asked what his favorite thing about band was and he replied, “Getting a…

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