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Homecoming 2012 News Special Events 

Homecoming 2012

The homecoming dance was held on October 13th and had a huge turn out. Most of the high school showed up wearing their finest clothing. The day before the dance NBC held its annual homecoming pep rally. Due to the weather the pep rally was held inside the high school gym for the middle school and high school students. The first thing that took place was the announcing of the homecoming court. The court consisted of freshman representatives were Taylor Snider and Austin Heck, sophomore representatives Samantha McCue and Ty Bechtel, junior representatives Kelly…

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Volleyball Star: Cierra Cottle Features Sports 

Volleyball Star: Cierra Cottle

Cierra Marie Cottle was born on June 28th, 1995 and is the daughter of Joby and Cathy Cottle.  Cierra participates in volleyball, basketball, track, softball, SADD, FCCLA, Varsity club, FFA, and Horticulture Club.  The classes that Cierra are enrolled in are college and technical education.   Cierra’s position in volleyball is middle hitter.  She states that her favorite part of volleyball is the hitting, “because when no one returns your hit, it is one of the best feelings to experience.”  The highlight of Cierra’s volleyball career has been getting kills.    One…

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Magic Mike Features Focus Sports 

Magic Mike

Michael, or Mike, Lewis Heck is the son of Jennifer and Michael Heck, or as Mike calls them, Big Jen and Little Mike. Mike’s Birthday is on October 14. Mike participates in Cross Country, Track and Field, Prom Committee, and the Salt and Light Youth group. He is enrolled in the university preparatory classes here at NB. Whether Mike is running after school with Collin Sherlock and Maria Snyder or partying hard on the weekends, he always keeps himself on top of things. Mike is one of our school’s top Cross…

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Under the Friday Night Lights News Sports 

Under the Friday Night Lights

This year, the varsity football cheerleaders have been lighting up the stands.  On the squad, there are three seniors/captains: Ashley Ritchey, Taylor Horton, and Katelyn Potter.  The juniors include Kelly Yingling, Emily Shoemake, Vanessa Dick, and Talisa Gunning.  The sophomores are Taylor Miller, Samantha McCue, Heather Litzenberger, Kayla Ritchey, Megan Allison, Alexis Reed, Sarah Garman, Emily Ritchey, and Jordyn Soderholm. The squad cheers every Friday night at the Varsity Football games next to the action on the track, watching and cheering the guys on.  The season consisted of ten games,…

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NBC’s MVP: Tayler Pressel Features 

NBC’s MVP: Tayler Pressel

Tayler Donald Pressel was born on August 5th, 1994 and is the son of Brad and Stacey Pressel. Tayler participates in football, basketball, and track. Here at NBC, Tayler is enrolled in the building trades curriculum. Tayler plays the position of tight end and middle linebacker. He says that his favorite part of football is scoring touchdowns. When asked how many touchdowns he has scored as of October 5th, he said “I have scored nine touchdowns.” The highlight of Tayler’s football career is having a winning record every year he…

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The Haunted Stanley Hotel Special Events 

The Haunted Stanley Hotel

Everyone loves a good ghost story now-a-days, but are they actually true? Some people say yes, and some people say no. It really all depends on your beliefs. But, if you don’t believe in ghosts, then you would be wise to check out the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. The Stanley Hotel was opened on July 4, 1909. It stretches over 8 acres of land. There are 11 buildings in the original complex. The Stanley Hotel is known best for its inspiration on Stephen King’s famous book, “The Shining.”…

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