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Piercings Opinion 


Piercings; they have been around for centuries. The motives of people getting piercings range greatly. Some do it because it is a freedom of expression. Some get piercings because it is part of their religion or culture. Some people do it to boost a new level of self- esteem.   And others do it merely because it is an accessory. The real question is though, why do schools, including NBC, have such a problem with it? Body piercings of any type are perfectly acceptable. Piercings are an important topic. So many…

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Life is Beautiful Opinion Uncategorized 

Life is Beautiful

Every year, about 1.2 million babies die from abortions.  Since 1973, more than 30 million babies died from abortions also.  One out of every four babies is aborted; in over 14 metropolitan areas, aborted babies outnumber the living babies.  Many see this as no problem, and make-up some cheap excuse to justify their actions, but abortion is murder no matter how you look at it. A major controversy is that people actually believe that the baby isn’t living yet.  After about a month into your pregnancy, your baby develops a…

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More about Mr. Miller Features 

More about Mr. Miller

The highlighted teacher of the month is Mr. Lucas Miller.  Mr. Miller talked about many interesting things during his interview. Before he became a teacher, Mr. Miller worked through high school and college at his family’s car dealership in Woodbury. He detailed cars, did minor repairs, and assisted with sales. His favorite part about teaching is helping his students make connections between the material he has taught them, and their everyday lives. Mr. Miller says that there have been a few minor changes in the middle school in the beginning…

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New Positions at NBC Features Focus News Uncategorized 

New Positions at NBC

  The teachers were welcomed back to school on August 22, 2012 to begin the 2012-13 school year. This year brings some personnel rearrangements and one new face to the Northern Bedford community, Mr. Brandon Reasy. Mr. Sherlock will continue his position of supervisor of curriculum and instruction while moving to the position of Middle School Principal. Mr. Replogle will now move to Elementary School Principal. Mr. Burkett will remain in his position as High School Principal. These changes were put into effect due to the budget cuts and the…

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Celebrity Gossip Uncategorized 

Celebrity Gossip

Everyone enjoys a little juicy celebrity gossip, so I have picked the best of the best celebrity news for you to enjoy!  Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds got married, having a small South Carolina ceremony that was kept top secret. The couple is happily married, despite gold medalist Ryan Lochte publicly announcing last week that he had a long term crush on actress Blake Lively. Speaking of marriage, rapper Wiz Khalifia and his fiancé, model Amber Rose, have confirmed that they are expecting a baby. Amber and Wiz reside in…

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Pledging Allegiance? Uncategorized 

Pledging Allegiance?

Today, many public schools are steering away from the phrase “one nation under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance. Some have stated that this phrase is forcing religion upon people. Those against the idea of taking this phrase out of the Pledge of Allegiance believe that it is an important phrase for Americans because it outlines our country’s dependence on God. People on the other side of the coin think that it is either offensive or old-fashioned. The Pledge of Allegiance is often said by students and adults alike at…

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Can concussion research save lives? Focus News Opinion Sports 

Can concussion research save lives?

When we think of NFL players, we imagine multimillionaires living in mansions, driving sports cars, etc. The players have spent years and years perfecting their skills and techniques, hoping one day for that paycheck. However, the road to glory comes with a steep price: permanent brain damage. Concussions cause unfathomable damage to the body’s most important organ. In turn, normally happy people, who have achieved their dreams, become sad and depressed. They see no way out, only to take their lives. Why doesn’t the NFL further concussion research? In the…

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