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Senior Bequests 2018 Features Focus News 

Senior Bequests 2018

  Featured in image: Northern Bedford National Honor Society seniors of 2018!   Trevor M. Allison I,Trevor Allison, leave my spot on the line to Kyle Guyer, my football locker to Alex Fouse, and my parking spot to Allie Snider. Dalson Arcq I, Dalson Arcq, leave my parking spot to Raechel Arcq.   Megan Beam I, Megan Beam, leave my culinary skills to Marissa Ebersole. I also leave my parking spot to Stephanie Runyon.   Kaylee Bowers I, Kaylee Bowers, leave my “love” for volleyball to Ally Ritchey, my will…

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Go Foor It! Features Focus Sports 

Go Foor It!

Andrew Foor is a senior at Northern Bedford County High School. As a tri-athlete, he is involved in football, basketball, and baseball and he starts in all three.  He was always involved in sports, even at a young age.He said, “I’ve been playing sports since I was able to throw a ball. My brother was already in sports, so watching him brought me into the same sport interests.” Of all sports, baseball is his favorite sport to watch and play, and he always holds high expectations of himself.  As a…

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Parkland School Shooting and Protests Features Focus News Politics 

Parkland School Shooting and Protests

On February 14, amid Ash Wednesday services and Valentine’s Day, a school shooting occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. 17 students and teachers were killed when Nikolas Cruz, a former student, brought an AK-47 into the school and began firing. Afterwards, students began telling their stories of teachers who opened doors for students and even shielded them from bullets. One group of JROTC students used Kevlar panels to protect students and teachers in their room. The shooting prompted a major discussion into gun laws and students, parents, and teachers…

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Who Deserves Basic Human Rights? Editorials Focus Politics 

Who Deserves Basic Human Rights?

In the U.S., there has been a lot of debate over who deserves rights. In the 1800’s, African Americans were told that they were property and were forced to work for nothing, while also being beaten and murdered by their “owners”. Eventually, the government stepped up and told Americans that they are people with rights. However, many still felt that African Americans were nothing but blemishes in this country. They were hung, tortured, and persecuted simply over the color of their skin. Even though African Americans were joining the workforce…

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Attention students of NBC: The Northern Lite needs a logo and we need your help! The student who designs the BEST logo for the Northern Lite will win 10 PRIDE TICKETS and creative credit.  2nd, 3rd and 4th places will receive 1 Pride Ticket. Please submit logo creations to: We prefer a jpeg format, so if it is hand-drawn, please scan (or give to Mrs. Martin to scan). Contest ends January 20th!

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The Blessing of Blood Features Focus Special Events 

The Blessing of Blood

As many of you may know, our student council holds three blood drives each year. Our school gets a really nice turnout each time and we should be very proud of how caring our students are. However, what many students don’t think about is the lives that are saved by their simple blood donations.There are so many people in our area and around the country that are helped by this simple act.   One person in our area that was helped is Lilly Miller. Lilly was just five months old…

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What Happened? Hillary Clinton wrote a book! Features Focus News Politics Special Events 

What Happened? Hillary Clinton wrote a book!

On September 12, 2017 Hillary Rodham Clinton released her new book What Happened. The book is about her experiences as the Democratic Party’s nominee for President of the United States in the 2016 election. Clinton is currently traveling around the US on tour for her book, and on her tour, she discusses her very personal and funny book and also what’s to come in the future. Many Americans are very excited to meet Clinton. On September 16th, Clinton drew more than 1,000 to a Costco in Brookfield, New York. One…

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