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Calisthenics V. Weight Training Focus News 

Calisthenics V. Weight Training

By: Gavin Gilbert What is the one burning question that plagues the mind of all muscle-desiring ‘bros’ around the world?   “Should I lift weights, or do bodyweight exercises?”   And the answer to that question lies within another question: what are you trying to do?   If you really just wanna throw on muscle and serious mass, and aren’t particularly worried about strength, hit the weights. If you’re looking to not be quite so big, but have a lot of functional strength, use your own weight (calisthenics).   Lifting…

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Mito Maniacs Spread Awareness Features Focus 

Mito Maniacs Spread Awareness

For many kids, getting to run around and play outside is the easiest thing to do, but for seven-year-old Mckenna the simplest action such as walking around the house can be a challenge.   Kenna was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease at birth and has had complications ever since. At birth, she was unable to tolerate feedings and vomited constantly, which was very acidic. It would constantly burn the skin on her face, neck, chest, and pretty much anywhere the vomit would touch.   Kenna also suffers from slow motility of…

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Trump Family’s ‘America First’ Inaugrual Attire Fashion Politics 

Trump Family’s ‘America First’ Inaugrual Attire

When Melania Trump stepped on stage with her husband, President Trump, on Friday night for the inaugural balls, she demonstrated that while she may not have been the center of attention during the election, she definitely will make a statement with her first official ‘First Lady’ dress.   In the “off-the-shoulder,  white crepe column with a thin burgundy ribbon as a belt, a high slit and a gazar wave curving from sleeve to hip and then down the skirt,” she looked – especially compared to the younger generation of Trump…

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Gift Guide Arts Fashion Food Special Events 

Gift Guide

The holidays are almost here and you know what that means- it’s the season of giving. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that you have to break the bank to get the best gifts! Here are some high quality gift ideas for those last minute stocking-stuffers at reasonably low prices: Know someone eager to try out those super cute mermaid tail blankets all over Instagram? Get one here for just $19.88!     2. Nothing says ‘I love and cherish you’ quite like an ugly Christmas sweater and these…

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Jacob Dasher: Jake of All Trades Features Focus News 

Jacob Dasher: Jake of All Trades

  Jacob Dasher, a junior at Northern Bedford, is taking advanced classes such as honors chemistry,  physics,  and honors English.  His claims favorite subject is history stating that, “I enjoy learning about the wars and all the famous people from our nation’s past.”  Jacob also participates in football in the fall, basketball in the winter, and baseball in the spring.  He plays sports because he loves the competition.  He is also in his school’s charity program “Interact club” as well as being a part of the National Honors Society. Jacob…

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Fall Fashion Fiasco Fashion News Special Events 

Fall Fashion Fiasco

On Wednesday, September 7th the Yeezy Fashion Show at Four Freedoms Park took place, showcasing more than two hours worth of Kanye West’s latest line with the popular brand Adidas- and yet it took even less time for critics to tear it apart. The main issue of many who attended was the over complicated transportation. The only option to get to the park on Roosevelt Island where the show was held was by charter buses as the exact location was to remain a secret until arrival. But this proved extremely…

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