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The Millennial Question Editorials Opinion 

The Millennial Question

When asked to define a millennial high school student, Nicholas Wilburn said, “a millennial is a person born in the late 80’s up until the early 2000’s that is commonly associated with social media and cell phones, usually in a negative way.”   “The millennials” is a group of people born approximately 1984 and after. They are said to be tough to manage, narcissistic, self-interested, lazy, entitled, and a number of other things. There are multiple areas in a millennial’s life to blame when dealing with why they act this…

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Coffee Bean Crisis News Opinion 

Coffee Bean Crisis

Rising costs of most items is expected. Normal necessities to the average American like healthcare, food prices, and gas become more expensive all the time so it’s no wonder, yet still a bit of a surprise, that soon the cost of something as simple as coffee is expected to rise as well.   Smuckers, a company who owns both the Cafe Bastello and Folgers brands announced on January 11 that they plan to raise their prices by at least 6% percent to account for  what they cited as “sustained increases…

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Copy Bird Editorials News Tech Time 

Copy Bird

Today, across the internet, people express their thoughts and feelings. Although, there is a time when you ask yourself whether it is the proper basis of your belief or not. The sad thing today is that people tend to believe everything we do, post, and think. If you think about it, are “tweets” actually copyright protected? On Twitter, the terms of service clearly state that tweeters own anything that they post on the service, but the 140 character limit puts a hold on on making it impossible for their work…

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The History of Dabbing Editorials News 

The History of Dabbing

It’s the new dance move that’s taking the world by storm. Celebrities, politicians, and people everywhere are doing it. The trending dance move is called dabbing. According to Wikipedia, dabbing is “a dance move in which the dancer simultaneously drops the head while raising an arm and the elbow in a gesture that has been noted to resemble sneezing.” At Northern Bedford County’s last Dance-A-Thon, teacher Mr. Black took a photo of everyone dabbing to try to break the record of most people dabbing. Sadly, the record wasn’t beaten, but…

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Dumping Trump News Opinion Politics 

Dumping Trump

The inauguration of president-elect Donald Trump is by far the most controversial inauguration of any president.  Donald Trump has asked many artists to perform at his inauguration.  Due to the various artists’ political views, they have turned him down.  So far, the list includes Elton John, Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Kanye West, Garth Brooks, Kiss, Andrea Bocelli, Celine Dion, and David Foster. The latest celebrity the Trump Team has had their collective eye on is a British folk singer named Rebecca Ferguson.  She has expressed tentativeness while responding…

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Should You Have to Stand For The Pledge? Editorials Opinion 

Should You Have to Stand For The Pledge?

It has come to many students’ and teachers’ attention that some students do not stand for the moment of silence or say the pledge. The moment of silence is a silent prayer, a gesture of respect and a time to mourn for those who have died in a historic event. If you wish to sit during the moment of silence it shows in your attitude that you are not grateful for those who have died for our freedom. Not saying the pledge is on a whole other level of disrespect;…

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Are Students Overriding the Dress Code? Opinion 

Are Students Overriding the Dress Code?

No ripped jeans, no leggings or yoga pants, no colored hair, only tasteful piercings; these are only a few of the rules Northern Bedford High School strictly enforces when dealing with the dress code. Students are forced to change their outfit if it does not follow the dress code, and it is clear they are fed up with it. The dress code is stated in the handbook for a reason: to prevent the disruption of the student education process. However, it is showing to be even more disruptive when students…

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National Concerns for Alleged Global Problems Editorials News Opinion Rants and Raves 

National Concerns for Alleged Global Problems

  Global warming has been a concern for many people, some say that it is a disease that humans plague the world with, and others say it is fabricated by people who enjoy acting superior.  Some children in Oregon took this to heart and are taking action against global warming.  Their movement is surprisingly forward given their age range, from eight to nineteen.  They claim that the government is encroaching on their right to life, liberty, and property.  While this is a rash and harsh accusation against the government, the…

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