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Intercepted Scholarships Features News Sports 

Intercepted Scholarships

Sunday, March 12th at the 20th annual Central Pennsylvania National Football Foundation dinner, 45 high school football players were awarded. One of these players was Northern Bedford’s very own, Jacob Dasher. Dasher is the son of Keith and Trish Dasher, and was awarded for his work in the classroom, in the community, and on the field. Past recipients of this award from Northern Bedford include Willie Sollenberger, Andrew Cronrath, Blake Over, Aaron Batzel, and now Jacob Dasher. He has stated that this organization “is great and has helped student-athletes forward…

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Maddie Cottle: The Beauty Arts Features News Special Events 

Maddie Cottle: The Beauty

Madison “Maddie” Cottle is a sophomore at Northern Bedford County High School. She will be playing the role of Belle in our school’s production of Beauty and The Beast. Maddie says she wanted to try out for the musical because she has a really strong love for music and singing and felt that it would be a lot of fun. The most challenging thing about having to play Belle for Maddie was memorizing all the lines, but she says that after she got them down, it was an easy ride!…

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Mito Maniacs Spread Awareness Features Focus 

Mito Maniacs Spread Awareness

For many kids, getting to run around and play outside is the easiest thing to do, but for seven-year-old Mckenna the simplest action such as walking around the house can be a challenge.   Kenna was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease at birth and has had complications ever since. At birth, she was unable to tolerate feedings and vomited constantly, which was very acidic. It would constantly burn the skin on her face, neck, chest, and pretty much anywhere the vomit would touch.   Kenna also suffers from slow motility of…

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Jacob Dasher: Jake of All Trades Features Focus News 

Jacob Dasher: Jake of All Trades

  Jacob Dasher, a junior at Northern Bedford, is taking advanced classes such as honors chemistry,  physics,  and honors English.  His claims favorite subject is history stating that, “I enjoy learning about the wars and all the famous people from our nation’s past.”  Jacob also participates in football in the fall, basketball in the winter, and baseball in the spring.  He plays sports because he loves the competition.  He is also in his school’s charity program “Interact club” as well as being a part of the National Honors Society. Jacob…

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New Gym Teacher Promotes Positive Outlook on Physical Education Features 

New Gym Teacher Promotes Positive Outlook on Physical Education

  You see her in the mornings standing in the hallways in athletic pants and a collared shirt. With a smile on her face, she is excited to take on another day as the new gym teacher of Northern Bedford middle school and high school. Ms. Brianna Hart, otherwise known as Ms. Hart. She was hired in the summer of 2016 to take the place as Mrs. Bowser.   Hart was raised in the NBC community where she graduated in 2010. After high school, she attended Frostburg State University for…

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Senior Project Brings Hope Features News Tech Time 

Senior Project Brings Hope

Senior Xiara Long created a local buzz on September 29 when she presented a new arm to Bedford County girl Rayana Fetters. Long manufactured a prosthetic arm using Northern Bedford High School’s 3D printer. Long said, “She kind of just looked up at me and just the look of pure enjoyment spread over her face. That is when it became more than just a graduation requirement. It was just something I could do to help that little girl sitting across the table.” The arm was 3-D printed and put…

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A Community Coming Together Features Focus News 

A Community Coming Together

Local businesses in the Altoona area are “Sophia Strong.” On August 18, Sophia’s parents wanted to make it known to the public that they were having trouble paying off hospital bills. Businesses immediately took action. They were making t-shirts, bracelets, and donations to support Sophia.   At age 7, Sophia Taylor was diagnosed with a disease known as Neuroblastoma. “She had been to a point where she could no longer eat. She vomited a lot because her body just couldn’t hold anymore,” Sophia’s mother said. $14,025 has been raised so…

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Chris Benner Details His Busy Senior Year Features Music News 

Chris Benner Details His Busy Senior Year

As an active member in band, National Honors Society, soccer, show choir, Scholastic Scrimmage, Interact Club, and reading competition, senior Christopher Benner knows how to keep himself busy. Aside from all of his school related activities, Chris also takes piano lessons and plays with the Brethren Bass. Benner finds it easy to balance all of his interests because they occur during different times of the year, however he still gets worn our but enjoys the exhaustion because he is doing things he loves. One of the main activities he participates…

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Marco Rubio: Best Selection for America Features News Politics 

Marco Rubio: Best Selection for America

With strong demeanor, impeccable charm, and dashing good looks, Marco Rubio has been sweeping the nation with more than just his stance on issues. This presidential candidate, at the age of 44, is the son of two Cuban immigrants. He attended the University of Florida and received his bachelor’s degree before heading to the University of Miami for his degree in law. The republican won his election to join the West Miami City Commission in 1998 before becoming a member of the Florida House of Representatives in 1999. In 2003,…

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Getting To Know Madison Cottle Features 

Getting To Know Madison Cottle

Madison Cottle is a freshman at Northern Bedford County High School. She is the point guard on the Junior High basketball team. She has played basketball since elementary school. She also plays soccer and received a newcomers award this year. She says she plays sports because she likes to be athletic and they help her relieve stress. When asked which sport she would play if she could only choose one and why she said “That’s a hard decision but I would say basketball because it is fun and I am…

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