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The Silence Breakers

“I speak not for myself, but for those without voice…those who have fought for their rights…their right to live in peace, their right to be treated with dignity, their right to equality of opportunity, their right to be educated” (Malala Yousafzai). For decades, men and women across the globe have been needlessly silent on the topic of sexual assault and harassment. That is until recently; a hashtag has gone viral on twitter causing many to finally speak up about their stories of sexual assault and harassment. The #metoo movement began…

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National Concerns for Alleged Global Problems Editorials News Opinion Rants and Raves 

National Concerns for Alleged Global Problems

  Global warming has been a concern for many people, some say that it is a disease that humans plague the world with, and others say it is fabricated by people who enjoy acting superior.  Some children in Oregon took this to heart and are taking action against global warming.  Their movement is surprisingly forward given their age range, from eight to nineteen.  They claim that the government is encroaching on their right to life, liberty, and property.  While this is a rash and harsh accusation against the government, the…

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Addressing dress codes Editorials Opinion Rants and Raves 

Addressing dress codes

The Northern Bedford dress code can be beneficial, however it’s taken a little overboard. Today students have trouble  wearing half of the things in their closet. Schools all over America have a dress code. The dress code forbids clothing items such as  spaghetti strap tank tops, leggings, holes in jeans, muscle shirts, and low cut shirts.   There are many clothing items that are understood to be dress coded such as shirts with inappropriate words and “double meanings”,  some things are taken way overboard. For many schools shorts, skirts, and…

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Gym for Athletes? Rants and Raves Sports 

Gym for Athletes?

Is physical education honestly needed for student athletes? Here at NBC, Physical Education is a mandatory class for 9-12 graders, students need to pass the course in order to graduate. Should it be optional for student athletes? Phys. Ed is a burden for student athletes, whether they play one sport or three. It should be offered to students as an elective, but since it’s a mandatory class, students should be granted the time to practice the sport they play.   Students involved in sports or extracurricular activities need time to…

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Don’t Rush Me! News Opinion Rants and Raves 

Don’t Rush Me!

    School lunches have changed drastically for students at NBC High School. On the first day, August 24, Principal Michael O’Dellick announced that there will only be one lunch line this year, whereas last year, there were two. Last year, students went straight into the lunch lines and then sat down after getting their food.  This year, high school students sit down at their tables first. The seniors go up and get their food first, then the juniors, followed by the sophomores, then the freshman. To seniors and juniors,…

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RANT/RAVE with Matt McCloskey Opinion Rants and Raves 

RANT/RAVE with Matt McCloskey

Rant Kanye West announced his wish to run for president in 2020 at the Video Music Awards on August 30th.  Most people have heard of Kanye West and his infamous ego (which by this point most likely has a larger reputation than he).  He released this impromptu statement to a crowd of willing, supportive “yes” men. After he went on stage to accept his award, he nonsensically blathered about what he felt was groundbreaking.  He repetitively said “bro” after many of his sentences.  He also spoke about his children with…

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The Truth About The Panther Cafe Editorials Rants and Raves 

The Truth About The Panther Cafe

School lunches aren’t typically known for their great tasting food. In fact, most are known to be average or poor lunches. Some schools, however, have great tasting food with more than just two choices that vary everyday. Other schools have big portions that are quite filling. Considering all these options may leave you wondering, does the Panther Cafe need to make some changes?   Schools are supposed to supply healthy and filling meals to help students get through the rest of their day. Northern Bedford’s lunches however do not meet…

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Rant/Rave Opinion Rants and Raves 


Rant: Plan B “Morning after pill”. The Supreme Court is deciding whether to raise the age restrictions on the “morning after” pill, also known as Plan B.  As of right now, you must be at least 17 years of age to receive this pill. You can go into a drug store and get this without a prescription, right over the counter. But you do have to consult a pharmacist in order to receive this pill. It increases the prevention of pregnancy in woman. This is a controversial topic for many…

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Rants/Raves Opinion Rants and Raves 


Rave: iPhone 5 iPhone 5 is one, if not the most popular cell phone in history. What makes them so addicting? Maybe it’s the fact that they are fast, they allow you to call, surf the web, take pictures, play games, text and it works off of cell phone service. But, if you don’t have service, you can also use wifi. 4G makes them faster and you can literally do everything on an iPhone.You can also personalize your iPhone by getting cases for them. Rant: School computers The school computers…

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